Letter to Meathaus: Everett Rand

Everett Rand of the Mineshaft Magazine publishing empire has sent Meathaus another expertly crafted comics, sketchbook, poetry and drawing zine full of stupendous creations and a typed letter reading:

“Jan 10, 2017
Hello Chris at Meathaus,
Here’s a copy of the new Mineshaft… I hope you like it!
very best wishes,
Mineshaft Headquarters”

Absolutely, Everett! This issue is full of work from storied contributors R. Crumb, Billy Childish, J.R. Helton, Bill Griffith, Peter Poplaski, Rika Deryckere, Robert Armstrong, John Porcellino, Jim Blanchard, Karl Stevens, Christoph Mueller, Noah Van Sciver, Justin Murphy, Nina Bunjevac, Frank Stack, Aaron Lange, Laure Boin, Mary Fleener, David Collier, and William Crook, Jr. See more on the Mineshaft website where you can get your own copies and many back issues.

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