John Kilduff Paints Through Internet

Meathaus favorite John Kilduff, painter, drink mixer, positive energy dispenser and exercise enthusiast had a live painting event this week at Little Berlin in Philadelphia. John wasn’t there, but instead was in Los Angeles making a cheesesteak, painting the cheesesteak, eating the cheesesteak, running 5K and painting portraits of fifteen people who were there via … Continue reading John Kilduff Paints Through Internet

Sexual Intercourse American Style

Just as John Kilduff is broadcasting his painting motivational show without any meddling executive interference, so too are the creators over at Channel 102 and Channel 101. The regular broadcast happens live at a viewing and voting session and then streams on the internet for anyone to watch anytime. The original shows are voted by … Continue reading Sexual Intercourse American Style

Let’s Paint, Exercise, and Make Blended Drinks

John Kilduff’s Let’s Paint TV is the best thing on TV. Let’s Paint TV has uploaded their 30 minute public access shows to the youtube for your enjoyment. In the same way that one could watch Bob Ross paint rolling landscapes and relax to the gentle intonations of his voice, one can tune into John … Continue reading Let’s Paint, Exercise, and Make Blended Drinks