Robertryan Cory Drawings

Cory uploaded a few more prime examples of his wrinkled, throbbing, pustule-encrusted cartoons over here, with the caption for the above art revealing that it is Festro (with torn lips) from the upcoming Cartoon Network show, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, premiering August 2011.

Ristaino, Cory and Herpich

A few drinks with Robertryan Cory and Tom Herpich. — Andy Ristaino (@skronked) March 9, 2013 Watch out, Greater Los Angeles Area establishments. Ristaino, Cory and Herpich: They tip 20% and leave intense doodles on your place mats.


Charles Bronson stars in this two minute long Japanese commercial for MANDOM, apparently directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi who is also the director of this intensity: Hausu. Via tip from R. Cory via Dave T.