farel on dark horse presents myspace comics

or something like that.
if you have the read “magic spell” on the dhp myspace thing,(fellow meathauser, angry jim campbell did the color art too), then go here and read
what Thaddeus D. Brook, the raven has to say about it.
title or description


pop gun war on arthur magazine

arhtur magazine has very nicely agreed to host


omega book release today!!

any portland folks want to hang out with me tonight at bridge city comics ?
we are having a special release party for Omega: The Unknown #1 tonight. Thursday, October 11, starting at 6 p.m.!
bridge city comics is at 3725 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR 97227
phone number 503-282-5484
This event will coincide with Mississippi Avenue’s 2nd Thursday Music Walk event
6pm to 10pm
“Every second Thursday of the month, local businesses host music, art, wine and food tastings, and much more! Come explore the neighborhood, enjoy an evening of music, art, food, shopping, and more! Second Thursday Social (formerly Mississippi Music Walk) showcases the diversity of local talent and businesses on Mississippi Avenue. Fans of music, food, dance and art will enjoy this monthly event. Many restaurants, studios and clubs will feature live music from 6pm to 10pm. Other participating merchants along Mississippi avenue, from Fremont to Skidmore, will be open late for business, with some holding their own events such as music, open houses, art exhibits, and even gourmet salt tastings, chocolate tastings, and wine tastings!”


goings on in pdx this weekend.

everyone should come out to portland this weekend for the
stumptown comics fest
i will have a table at that hanging out with zachary baldus (flagg), and brandon graham, selling coies of the new meahaus book, Meathaus Volume 8: Head Games top shelf and oni are hosting a party on Saturday, October 28th. at the VooDoo Lounge.


there is also a good looking animation fest called cartoon cavalcade a buddy of mine is helping organize. it is on the same night directly following the stumptown show. i hope to see you all there.


some ape pics

i only took a couple of the show.
here is our wonderful booth:

celia, jim, and chris mcd

and here we are enjoying our haul in the hotel room.


New Sketches On My LJ

Farel Dalrymple sketchbook sketch
i finally updated my own ding dong livejournal.
it is here: