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Letter to Meathaus: Roman Muradov


Roman Muradov sent Meathaus three zines, a two color postcard print, a mini square drawing, and a postcard that reads:

“Hello again, Meathaus!
Here’s a new Yellow Zine, it’s much better than the previous ones & some other recent zines. Also, I have a proper book coming out with Nobrow, so that’s exciting. I’ll send you a copy if I get any extras. Thanks for the support!

-Roman Muradov”

Roman that is good news about having a book coming out from Nobrow. Maybe you ran out of room on the postcard because you didn’t also write what is on the inside of the back cover of your latest Yellow Zine, which says you will also potentially have an autobio comic coming out from Retrofit at around the same time. Thanks for these items, they are all so nice to read and look at. This “Cling” is a real two-color beauty. Roman draws with such controlled simplicity in some places, designed chaos in others. Roman is the boss in charge of these lines and shapes. And his characters are fretting about things like death, chorizo-choking and grave-pissing.

Head over to Roman’s website and blog and check out the previous letters to Meathaus and Roman posts here.


Letter to Meathaus: Daniel Zender


Daniel Zender sent Meathaus a package with two drawing zines and no note to type here or maybe I lost it. One of the books is called People I Think I Saw which is drawings by Daniel of different scratchy faces and doodles sometimes of dogs, skulls, babies, people with beards and such that Daniel has collected from his old sketchbooks and printed into this substantial feeling square little zine with neatly trimmed edges. The other book is 25 Minor Nightmares which was written by Ty Melgren and illustrated by Daniel. This book is interesting to read for almost anybody because these anxious dreams are built of the same uncomfortable broad brain-brush-strokes that each of us struggle through in dreamland while trying to make sense of waking life. For example, my favorite “minor nightmare”:

On my first day in a new town I wake up early to go to the grocery store. A line of people waiting to get in has formed by the door. When the doors are unlocked, the employees don’t bother to turn on the lights and people are running and pushing each other and grabbing things. When I find the juice section, the only kind of orange juice left is Sunny D.

Check out Daniel’s website and store to get these zines and Ty’s website where you can read the Minor Nightmares and more.

Also see the previous letter from Daniel here and previous post on his work here.


Letter to Meathaus: Gabriel Corbera


Gabriel Corbera sent Meathaus a package from Barcelona with a comics zine and a letter that reads:

“Hey Chris/Meathaus!
Love your blog. It’s my last zine: Nowt/Aktion.

Thanks Gabriel for NOWT/AKTION! Maybe the man in the comics is named NOWT. Let’s call him NOWT. NOWT’s primary advantage over his adversaries is his power of observation and scientific analysis. NOWT goes into new situations assessing speed and forces and cls of beer consumed per second, he has tools like his Nowtstick for fushing or repelling fushing. NOWT is all action. You’ve got to get into NOWT and you can, look at Gabriel’s blog and illustration website and blog where you can link to order different things.


Letter to Meathaus: Drew Panckeri


Drew Panckeri sent Meathaus over a mini comic and a letter with original artwork on it that reads:

“Dear Chris + Meathaus Gang,
I’ve been quietly toiling away here in south Philly + checking out your blog for a while now, so I thought I’d send something in.
Submitted for your approval: Here is “Day One” hot off the press.

Hey thanks Drew for this mini comic. In Day One, these geneticists aim to create the perfect companion animal and something goes wrong, oh crap! Well really they already created it, it’s in their RV, and their on the way to a conference or patent office. And then something goes wrong, oh crap! Check out more from Drew on his blog.


Letter to Meathaus: Will Laren


Will Laren sent Meathaus a package with two sweet Slurricane issues (IV and #5) and a letter that reads:

As per my family’s ancient blood oath, I now bestow to you our yearly tribute of two zines. The debt is paid.
–Will Laren
P.S. Other people can buy these zines at this address:


Thanks Will! See Will’s comics that go in his comics zines at the blog and realize that you’ll really want to have these zines in your hand to read all the jokes between the multi-colored silkscreened covers. Every page is a long-winded monolog from a new character that you will learn all about and see in action on the page, bulging and twisted popping veins and eyeballs out of faces with intensity. See other stuff about Will like past issues he sent to Meathaus here and check out his page over here too.


Letter to Meathaus: Youth In Decline


Josh was back here yesterday just long enough to help me get some letters to Meathaus scanned and posted in a timely fashion, thanks Josh.

Ryan Sands from the newly minted Youth in Decline sent Meathaus over the debut issue of Frontier, the monograph anthology. This one is full of art from Uno Moralez, whose work has almost exclusively been limited to your computer screen until now. Frontier is a 32 page multi-color digital duplicator printed book with a thicker cover stock, expertly trimmed, stapled and presented as a pleasing thing to hold and experience.

Uno Moralez’s pixelated art on the printed page is a new, worthwhile way to experience its excellent creepiness, especially the short comics bit included. Separated from the internet and all its inherent distractions, Uno’s work can now lull you into a deep sense of mysterious dread in the comfort of your favorite armchair.

I have previously featured Uno’s work on Meathaus here and on Cartoon Brew here.

For those that miss the animated aspect of Uno’s work, Ryan has got that covered too. Youth in Decline has printed a set of two animated lenticular printed postcards of Uno’s gif art.

In the enclosed letter Ryan teases the upcoming Frontier issues expected this year including #2 which will feature the work of Hellen Jo, debuting at the Small Press Expo. Buy everything over on Youth in Decline‘s website.

Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Pastorek

Jeff Pastorek

Jeff Pastorek sent Meathaus a package from New Orleans with Quick! Pretend Like You’re Reading, a magnet, a blacked out bribe dollar and a letter that reads:

“New Orleans to Philadelphia via air and ground transport. Look, it’s not easy to write (Josh/Chris/Rob/Jim/Jason/Mu/Thomas) I got stung by a caterpillar on the palm of my writing hand when I was weeding the garden (sincerely). Here is a bribe-dollar (black). Enjoy. Please tell the world about my book. I don’t know what my audience is besides my beloved friends in New Orleans. Maybe you can tell me.

p.s. me”

Thanks Jeff, that’s some serious ink on that dollar. What is this, India, Sumi? And thanks for the book. This volume has a mixture of of writing and images, some hand-lettered bits, some diagrams, a painting of Prince and Morrissey, some horses, it’s a book about reading and pretending to read the book as much as it isn’t. Audience? I don’t know much about audiences except that apparently I’m typing these words and someone is reading them RIGHT NOW. That’s about as much as I can fathom. Oh and the book made it up here from New Orleans just fine. I was in New Orleans once playing a show in some bar that was also a laundromat. Is that common there, or is that THE bar that is also a laundromat?

See Jeff’s website here for more work.


Letter to Meathaus: Łukasz Kowalczuk


Meathaus got a package from Rumia, Poland with copies of Nienawidze Ludzi #3 and #4 in it (multi-copies of #3 with alternate covers!) and a letter that reads:

“Dear Meathaus,
This is my zine called Nienawidze Ludzi (I Hate People). It’s not as awesome as stuff from your site, but I decided to give it a try and send some copies.

It was going to be mostly about hc/punk scene and social problems but I decided just to make stories (mafia, aliens, fantasy) I would like to read my self.

It’s in Polish, I know, but there is a lot of pictures so you will get the idea 🙂

Sorry for my English. It’s better than your Polish anyway.


Awesome, thanks for the illustrated letter and comics, Łukasz, I like the dude with the wiener for a nose on your letter, you could really print this up for your stationary. You’re right about my Polish, all I can say is “dobre! dobre!” which I learned from my old landlords in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Janusz and Sophie. Your English kicks my Polish’s ass. Thanks for the books I am enjoying these drawings of people beating on each other and your TV show parodies of Barney and Rubberdubbers tiny child shows.

Check out more Łukasz Kowalczuk on his website and over at!


Letter to Meathaus: Will Laren

Will Laren

Meathaus got a package from Will Laren with Slurricane #3 in it and a note that reads:

“Dear Chris,
You have impeccable taste in comics. Maybe you will like some of the ones I put in this zine.
–Will Laren”

Dude, thanks Will. I think Will Laren comics are really funny and even the ones that aren’t extremely funny are funny in the way the drawings are weighed down with the awkward almost short-story-length captions that make the reader experience something more than just a one panel gag comic… it’s unique! You’ve got to get into more of Will’s work here and here.