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Letter to Meathaus: Curtis Tinsley

Curtis Tinsley

Curtis Tinsley sent Meathaus this package with two comics, Sand Level #01 and Ice Map No. One and an illustrated letter that reads:

“Hey Meathaus,
The last time we spoke I wasn’t up to very much, a handful of drawings and the first few pages of a comic, and I was honored to be on the site! I wanted to send you something new (and finished). I’ve got more junk on my site now too. Keep up the great work.

All right, thanks for these fun comics Curtis. I’m especially into this meat house you drew. Ice Map is a full color comic, staple bound, what is this laser print? It’s nice and neat. The second half is painted in a full color spectrum while the first half is blue-purple ink on a yellow paper texture. The second half has some kind of stone golem which is awakened by these bad dudes who want to use it but it only offers it’s cool guardian hole to the one good guy to enter. See more of Curtis’s art and comics on his website, here, and this previous post.


Letter to Meathaus: Roman Muradov

Roman Muradov

Roman Muradov sent Meathaus a comics zine called The Yellow Zine (#2) and this one is full of more drawings and little comics doo-dads. Did we lose a note? I don’t know, I didn’t post this. Josh? Oh wait, he’s not here, he got a job. Right on! Anyway, let’s see, ah on the back of the envelope it says:

“New funnies! Please don’t bend!”

Cool, thanks again Roman. This arrived un-bent. See more Roman here and his previous letter here.


Letter to Meathaus: Rat Hex

Meathaus got this package from Space Face Books and a note that reads:

“Meathaus is awesome!”

Inside there was Rat Hex, Space Face’s new anthology comic book with work by Matt Lock, Robert Beatty, Clint Colburn, Michael Deforge, and Jesse McManus. This book has a fantastic cover by Robert Beatty and non-linear image/art by Beatty and Colburn balanced with short stories by McManus, Deforge and Lock. It’s a really strong book that you can go get here. While you are at it, get into these other things Space Face has been up to, making games and toys with Alex Schubert. These guys are having fun.


Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Jeff Mahannah
Letter to Meathaus: Jeff Mahannah

Jeff Mahannah sent another issue of his comics zine Eat to Survive over to Meathaus and some stickers and a note that says:

“To the fine people at Meathaus, this is my new comic. I made it especially for you…Shit, That’s a lie…I gotta stop lying to people. –Jeff”

Thanks Jeff, this one is another filthy, funny book, just like last time, and the time before. Get into more of Jeff’s comics stash on his blog and this and order all the copies of his books available.


Letter to Meathaus: Silent Army

Silent Army Collective

Letter to Meathaus: Silent Army

Meathaus got this package from Melbourne, Australia from Silent Army and a note that reads:

“Re–Dailies #1
We met years ago at a T.C.A.F. {you rock!} →Please enjoy this anthology and feel free to promote, review, or just leave in a pile with others… MPF.←”

Thanks MFP, how about I enjoy it and then leave it in a pile with the others? Check out the handful of images from this comics paper above, some Josh picked out and some I grabbed. These don’t even represent a quarter of the different artists in this collective publication. See the Silent Army Comic Collective for further information. The cover and center spread are full color and the rest of the interiors are one or two colors on newsprint which makes for some fine newspapery feelings. Oh and MFP you met one of our other Meathaus peoples at T.C.A.F. (I don’t get out much) and while I don’t know which one you met, I do agree that they undoubtedly rock.


Letter to Meathaus: Kevin D. Bandt

Kevin D Bandt

Meathaus got this multi-comics package from Kevin D. Bandt, and a letter that reads:

“My name is Kevin Bandt. Long time Listener; first time caller. I’ve been a big fan of your blog for what seems like forever. I wanted to share my books that I made. Keep being rad!”

Thanks indeed, Kevin! We’ll keep making this blog for the foreseeable future so keep reading. I’m digging this hand mutation that is happening here, looks like a heck of a condition. See more Kevin here.


Letter to Meathaus: Gerhard Human

Gerhard Human

Meathaus got this sweet poster-tube from South Africa with some finely produced silkscreen prints inside and an illuminated letter that reads:

These prints are part of an exhibition I did to raise funds for skatepark development in Cape Town after it’s been outlawed recently. There is 12 characters in total, all silkscreen printed by hand in edition of 30 each. Hope you dig the prints I’ll send some more from my latest show….

Gerhard Human

Fantastic, thanks Gerhard. Take a look further at Mr. Human’s work on his website and blog where you’ll see photos of the recent art shows and more of these prints.


Letter to Meathaus: Todd Freeman

Todd Freeman Book

Todd Freeman sent Meathaus this nicely constructed book/zine with drawings in it and a note that reads:

“I’ve been following the good things at Meathaus for a while, and wanted to share my work with you. Here’s a copy of my first book ‘Gather’. A collection of drawing about nets. My other work is mainly etching, and can be seen on

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks Todd, this is totally the first book only about nets in the Meathaus library! Readers may also enjoy the fine drawings and prints on Todd’s website which include intriguing cut-away views of marshy areas, pools and small stick-built enclosures and spaces with hairy floating things and other curiosities.