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Letter to Meathaus: Warren Elliott

Warren Elliot sent Meathaus this mini comic from Arizona called Dope Fiend Monkey No. 1, in which our hero scores some dope and gets high for a little while and then needs some more. Check out the nice letter and drawing from Warren in the scan above and dig into Warren’s Almost Normal Comics website and Tumblr for more comics and comics reviews and links to more comics.

Letter to Meathaus: Damian Rivera

Check it out, Damian Rivera has sent Meathaus a mini but fat package of micro zines with all these drawings of sad, rotted and gross people doing stuff or just hanging out there on the page. Damian puts these out on his Leper King Press imprint, as detailed in the letter which you can also read there in the scan! Cool Meathaus dog, dawg. Also see more work on Damian’s Tumblr.

Letter to Meathaus: C’est Bon

Check it out I think there are maybe three books here in this letter stash from C’est Bon that have managed to pile up here. Dig that Inés Estrada cover art and that “original autobio” Julia Scott book.

Look at more C’est Bon Anthology books at the the C’est Bon Kultur website and tumblr and cruise the tag here for previous publications sent to Letters to Meathaus.