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Figure Study, McDonnell, Jean: I

As mentioned in an earlier post, James Jean has been attending figure drawing workshops regularly and posting some of the studies on his blog, Process Recess. I have joined in two out of the last three weeks and had a great time getting back into drawing the models. The first week was rough, but this past week I came away with a few drawings that I liked. Posted here are three poses with my black and white drawing on the left, and James’ color painting on the right.

Chris McD and James Jean figure study
(Shorter pose, not actually the same pose, but similar.)

Coming directly from work, I have just been drawing in my regular sized sketchbook that I always have with me with pens, pencils and Sumi Ink. Not like the old school days when it was a full sized pad of newsprint and China markers. While it has been fun, I think it is time to bump it back up to the full sized pad. The last two weeks James has broken out his acrylics and large pad to experiment with the media, and produced some really cool results.

So as I was looking over James’ paintings I realized it would be really interesting for me to compare our work on the same poses, to see how our approaches differed and see what we each concentrated on the most. This week was especially fun for me to put them side by side because he was working with colors and shapes and I was using a mostly linear approach. I’m looking forward to more next week.

Chris McD and James Jean figure study
(20 minute pose.)

Chris McD and James Jean figure study
(20 minute pose.)

The Brothers Graham

Brandon Graham art
Brandon and Keith Graham are brothers from the same mother, and share a love of making art, comics, etc. You can see more from them both on their website The Brothers Graham. Keith has awesome comics in Meathaus 7 and the upcoming issue 8.

Brandon lives for comics. Jeff Mason’s Alternative Comics recently published a great book of Brandon’s called Escalator which is the best place to start for an All-American sized serving of B.G. comics.

Besides his Meathaus and Alternative Comics work, Brandon art can be found updated regularly at hisDeviant Art page. Brandon also has a huge upcoming series from Tokyopop.

Zachary Flagg/ Zachary Baldus

Zachary Flagg Baldus painting
He’s sort of like the other power-duo of art dudes involved in Meathaus, like your Thomas Herpich/ Peter Herpich, Tomer Hanuka/ Asaf Hanuka, Brandon Graham/ Keith Graham types, except that he’s just himself, Mr. Zachary Flagg Baldus or Zachary Flagg or Zachary Baldus or whatever. No matter how you slice it he is a cool dude, world traveller and illustrator/ painter extraordinaire. Visit Zach’s website here.

Becky Cloonan

Becky cloonan dracula
Becky is a comics monster! Fresh back from some adventures around the globe, she is probably doing what she does best right now, making more comics. She’s got too many projects to list here, but her recently new site has them all laid out real nice so you can begin to appreciate the volume of fine pages she’s been cranking out. In Meathaus for many years, Becky has once again served up some fresh pages for the upcoming issue 8, “Head Games”, which she previews on her website. While you’re there, check out her other pals work at Estrigious.

Matthew Woodson

Matthew Woodson art
New in Meathaus 8, Matthew Woodson’s comics and illustrations are rendered with careful skill and detail, in powerful black and white. If we had gotten our crap together earlier (a year or two back), we could have boasted his published comics premier! But Matthew is too good and prolific not to be widely published, and has since had pieces in the popular anthology FLIGHT and is working on a new project with Brian Wood. Visit Matthew’s website Ghostco.

Angry Jim stuff

“Angry Jim” has been up to various things these days. His new book Krachmacher 2, the follow up to his Xeric book Krachmacher 1, is available now but only on his website and at conventions like A.P.E., M.o.C.C.A., and S.P.X.. Also available on his site is the 7″ debut from his band Paper Fleet, which includes a 4 page comic. Samples from his band can be heard and on their myspace page