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de Crécy on Kyoto

Nicolas de Crecy has an eclectic and satisfying collection of work  from what seems to be a visit to Kyoto. some fast ones at a cafe, and some more constructed ones mixing Japanese mythology and busy afternoon traffic.

Humanoids recently published a hardcover collection of his comics: THE CELESTIAL BIBENDUM, which is quite heavy with hard covers, slipcase and about 200 pages. it’s full of melting architecture, talking sea dogs and old guys with flat single color bodies.



in truth, the French are much better at depicting New York than New Yorkers. It’s a fictional New York you can only visit in his books.

which brings to mind the animated feature The Triplets of Belleville.

It is not accidental that de Crecy’s aesthetic is all over that film, he was a part of the production early on, but then left (apparently due to artistic conflict) and the director continued with the art. Here is a great de Crecy-esq background by Evgeni Tomov from that film.

and one last drawing by de Crecy before we’re done.

The Realist French-Belgain Tour

Two years of Asaf Hanuka’s The Realist are now collected in a book (French), published by Steinkis. You can browse a sample of it here. The title means “Knocked out in Tel Aviv”. In french K.O. sounds like Chaos which perfectly describes the events documented in the collection.

Asaf will be making a small tour in Paris and Bruxelles, along with Sarah Glidden, please come say hi if you happen to be around:

Wednesday the 30th May

o From 6:30pm: signing session at Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées, with Sarah Glidden.

Thursday the 31st May : Bruxelles (Belgium)

o From 6:00 to 8:00pm: signing session at Filigranes bookshop

Friday the 1st June

o From 5:30pm: signing session at Millepages Bookshop (Vincennes), with Sarah Glidden

Saturday the 2nd June

o From 4:00pm: signing session at Bdnet bookshop in Paris, with Sarah Glidden

Sunday the 3rd June

o From 3:00pm: signing session at Librairie du Temple, Paris.

A Bien Tot!


The Washer #2

This is the first page of the second story published in “Reading” (supplement of Corriere della Sera [an Italian paper]) on February 25. The text is by Claudio Piersanti.