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Meathaus S.O.S.

Meathaus S.O.S.

UPDATE to this item: Meathaus bought all the back stock of this jimmy jawn so that the rest weren’t liquidated to drugstore book racks or something and then destroyed. So we are offering a super deal to recoup the cost of that load in my basement:

The latest anthology comic book from Meathaus is full color and fully awesome. 272 full color pages. The best one yet. Published by Nerdcore.

Contributors to Meathaus S.O.S.: James Jean, Brandon Graham, Shaun Kessler, Farel Dalrymple, Ross Campbell, Corey Lewis, Jared Purrington, Tomer & Asaf Hanuka, Marian Churchland, Matt Furie, Jeff Kilpatrick, Edie Fake, Andy Ristaino, Stefan Gruber, Chris McDonnell, Arik Roper, Christoph Mueller, Rebecca Dart, Ronald Wimberly, Peter Herpich, Sheldon Vella, Jason Sacher, Jesse Moynihan, Jim Campbell, Cameron Michel, Mu Pan, Thomas Herpich, Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca, Jonny B, Dave Kiersh, Dash Shaw, Celia Bullwinkel, Jeremyville, Zohar Lazar, Zachary Baldus, Ralph Bakshi, and Black Dice.

$12.95 + Shipping

Meathaus new NEW Olde Pack

This video relates to previous edition of the New Olde Pack, in which you got only a piddling 50%+ off. Now get the same crap at around 65% off combined cover prices. Until we run out of issue #4, then you just don’t get issue #4. Issue #4 is no longer included since we sold out. But it is still a kick ass deal. Anyway:

Hey Meathaus enthusiasts, do you have all the old issues? Well neither do we. What we do have however are a load of these “Olde Packs” which NOW include Meathaus issues #5, #6, #7 “Lovesongs”, and #8 “Headgames”!

These Olde Packs are priced at the SUPER SALE price of probably more than 60% off the combined cover prices! So you have a few of these issues? Buy it anyway and give the doubles to friends. Get into the Olde.

Even bigger SALE than before: $14.95 + Shipping



The new anthology sketchbook from 39 artists.

GO FOR THE GOLD! is a sketchbook anthology put out by Meathaus. This fourth issue features 39 artists. The idea is that each artist sends in their personal sketchbook drawings, roughs, and sometimes even comics and we print them in this 379 page book. It is huge. Color cover, b/w interiors, 379 pages. It’s not the physical qualities of the book that make it special, it’s the ideas, man. Also as a bonus to this book, we’re doing dollar deals on Meathaus comics back issues. You can choose to add one of of the three Meathaus back issues that can fit stuffed into the same envelope for a dollar or two or three more, which is a discount off each cover price of course. Use the drop down menu to choose no extra book or one of the three choices.

Here is a video preview of the book:


And here is the contributor list of the artists:
Angie Wang, Arik Roper, Chris Capuozzo, Seth Scriver, Dash Shaw, Fritz Bol, Hannah K. Lee, Jesse Moynihan, Keat Teoh, Kristina Collantes, Matt Houston, Mikkel Sommer, Richard Short, Thomas Herpich, Tomer Hanuka, Victor Kerlow, Devin Flynn, Brandon Graham, Mark Sunshine, Mu Pan, Nick Edwards, Sam Vanallemeersch, Nicholas Gazin, Takeshi Tadatsu, Phil Rynda, Jim Rugg, Grant Reynolds, Jeremy Tinder, Jonny Negron, Jesse Balmer, Jeff Kilpatrick, Max Fiedler, Gary Leib, Pendleton Ward, Jon Boam, Chris McDonnell, Vincent Giard, Farel Dalrymple, Jason Sacher.

Also get GO FOR THE GOLD! 2 and 3 below for more of the same, but different.

$18.95 + Shipping + the option to add an old Meathaus book issue #5 or #6 for two or three dollars respectively:

Add a cheap old bonus book?



The new anthology sketchbook from 35 artists. Also included is a bonus mini doodle zine.

Check out the PREVIEW.

GO FOR THE GOLD! is a sketchbook anthology put out by Meathaus. This third issue features 35 artist’s sketchbook drawings packed into 242 b/w pages. Big-shot talents in comics and animation come together with Meathaus regulars to create this bizarre, funny, filthy, unique peak into the unrestrained mind of the sketching artist.

GO FOR THE GOLD! is an inspirational item for every artist/ cartoonist/ designer/ animator to own and is a desirable gift to give or get. The first page even has room for you to write your own inscription and doodle. This book is not for children.

$14.95 + Shipping



This is the sketchbook anthology that we put out in 2005 that has been out of print for the last three or so years. Get it with GO FOR THE GOLD! 3 for intense eyeball impact.

This is the second book in the GO FOR THE GOLD series. The first was a small-run handmade edition of sketches from the Meathaus regulars released in 2004. Now for the follow up, Meathaus has put together well over double the amount of artwork from all the regulars and even more cartoonists, illustrators, animators and awesome dudes who like to rock. Artwork straight from the personal sketchbooks of Meathaus regulars such as Farel Dalrymple, James Jean, Thomas Herpich, Tomer Hanuka, and Brandon Graham, plus the same from cartoon bigshots John Kricfalusi, Ralph Bakshi, and more. GO FOR THE GOLD! 2 is an inspirational item for every artist to own and enjoy and a unique gift. GO FOR THE GOLD! 2 is not for children.

$12.95 + Shipping

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