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Unclothed Man In The 35th Century AD

Dash Shaw Unclothed Man

Dash Shaw’s comics piece that he created for Meathaus S.O.S. about the “Unclothed Man In The 35th Century AD” has been adapted to animation by Dash for IFC. All five parts of the short are available to watch online here. Additionally there is a “making of” sixth video there where director Dash, co-animator Jane Samborski, and music composer James Lucido talk about the film.

Dash has spoken about his equal enthusiasm for comics and animation in past interviews. His related interests are clear in the hybrid direction of the film in which he uses silent movie title cards, animated comics thought balloons and video game cutscenes all to relay the thoughts and dialog of his characters.

This is the most ambitious and self-contained animated project from Dash. Other recent shorts functioned more as teaser-companions to his comic book releases Bottomless Bellybutton and Bodyworld, although they easily can exist on their own as strange experiments. Both shorts also served as Dash’s testing grounds for refining his own animated voice. Below is the short for Bodyworld:

Fantagraphics is releasing a slew of Dash’s material including the new book Unclothed Man In The 35th Century AD that collects art from the cartoon and other collected comics shorts. Embedded below here is part one of the Unclothed Man short, see the rest here on IFC.

There is a brief interview with Dash here on Meathaus and of course you will find Dash’s comics in the Meathaus Olde Pack of comics, Meathaus 8: Headgames, and Meathaus S.O.S., all in the store. Dash also has pages of sketchbook material in the new sketchbook anthology from Meathaus, GO FOR THE GOLD! 3.

Robert Crumb & Ralph Bakshi

1970s Counter-culture

An early 1970s German documentary has been uploaded onto Youtube in three parts. Part one. Part two. Part three. It includes nicely filmed footage of pillars of 1970s counter-culture: yogis, drug use and naked-commune-hippies.

1970s Robert Crumb German Film Interview

It features an interview with Robert Crumb towards the end which is mostly obliterated by the German over-dub, and charming family scenes of the Crumbs around the house and yard, a precursor to Zwigoff’s “Crumb” released in 1994.

1970s Ralph Bakshi in New York City & Directing Fritz The Cat

Also included are scenes with young Ralph Bakshi directing his first feature film, Fritz the Cat, mainly in the first and second clips. Ralph is shown with his producer-later-turned-business-nemesis Steve Krantz discussing scenes. Ralph directs voice-overs, watches cels being shot, cruises Manhattan with his 35mm camera taking reference and background shots, and talks up strangers and hot dog vendors on the streets (which is pretty much what it’s like walking down the street with Ralph to this day).

1970s NYC Wasteland

Shots of the weird wastelands that could still be found in 1970s NYC are strange and beautiful. It is a great little documentary, even without comprehension of the voice-over.

Original link via Cartoon Brew.

Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa

“Uncle Grandpa” was created by Peter Browngardt for Cartoonstitute which was a pilot program at Cartoon Network. Pete worked on Futurama, Flapjack, and Chowder, among other shows. He’s also the voice of Uncle Grandpa. This one wasn’t picked up for a series as far as we know, but should be, obviously.

Here are some additional credits:
Phil Rynda – Additional designs
Ghostshrimp – Additional designs
M. Wartella – Color
Bill Flores – Backgrounds
Robert Alvarez – Animation direction

And here is the cartoon:

We R Super Heroes

We R Super Heroes by Robbert Bobbert music video by Puny

Our pal Vincent “King Mini” Stall was putting together this video for Apples in Stereo singer turned kid’s music artist Robbert Bobbert and he enlisted the help of some comics dudes to add their own superhero drawings to the mix. Included are Meathaus regulars Farel Dalrymple, Chris McD and King Mini himself of course. Check out the video here and the full list of artists is at the end. Directed by Vincent’s company, Puny Entertainment. Via Drawn!