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Cave of Time Music Video

Doofus rock demigods Ancient Justice have been laboring on this one-minute animated music video for the track “Cave of Time” in occasional forty-minute spurts at least three times over the last 15 years. And though it still isn’t done, just like a roast, sometimes you take that out of the oven before it’s cooked through and then it just sits there on the counter marinating in its own steaming juices and finishes itself off to moist perfection while you wait.

Joey Fourr Animation

Joey Fourr just sent over this animated music video, GET A LIEF, for you to check out about ten minutes ago. The fun part is that he drew on 144 sheets of paper and scanned them and then continued drawing new animation on them and re-scanned them and so on until things get dense. Also you can see the sheet numbers in the corner and see how he doesn’t play them straight through toward the end but does some loops to create moving holds and stretch little sections for specific timing. Also see his Crumb Cabin for zines and his website.

Burbank Times

Steven Universe

So I was out at Cartoon Network doing stuff for a thing (that is awesome and more on that later) and I met many super people and said hi to old pals. As far as swag is concerned I got a few Pops beach balls and Adventure Time hankies for the kids (thanks Brooke), and when I was meeting with GFTG! contributor Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, they gave me this copy of this official unofficial Steven Universe zine with sketches of the characters from Rebecca’s new show which premieres very soon. Also when I visited Uncle Grandpa, Pete Browngardt gave me a printout of an internet .jpg of the cover of Alf #48 which I will treasure forever.

Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa

Pete Browngardt‘s Uncle Grandpa premiered this week and it is funny and you can download the first episode (free, as of now) in the itunes store. Stupid over-reaching Apple DRM prevented me from using the native screen capture in OSX to grab a simple frame grab of the show so here is a dumpy phone pic of the screen. GFTG!4 contributor Nick Edwards has been designing a crap-load of art for the show, you can see his stylings all over the episode and title sequence. See the the previous posts on Uncle Grandpa here and all the way back to 2009 here.

Manly Cartoon

Manly Cartoon

Jesse Moynihan and his brother Justin are creating a new cartoon that will be released through Cartoon Hangover called Manly, and Tom is designing characters for it. The single episode will function as a pilot that will determine if more adventures starring the fanny-pack sporting hermaphroditic hero are ordered up! Here are a few images from the Manly production blog, Jesse’s website and Frederator Studios Blog. Relating to the post proceeding this, the background artist is Rob Sato. Finally, Jesse has got a podcast about UFOs and ghosts and unexplained phenomena over here which is going to go right in my ear hole.

Dash Animation Screening

Dash Shaw

Check it out comics and cartoon lovers. Dash has got something to satisfy all of your drawn desires. He’s a comics making, animating machine ready to lay it out on the movie screen this Tuesday night in Brooklyn. The Light Industry event info is linked here from Dash’s blog. Dash will be screening his own work and finishing off the evening with a screening of Bobby’s Girl, “an obscure, dreamy anime about a motorcyclist that I think is amazing,” says Dash.

Dash has been working on his feature length animated film and only taking breaks to animate music videos, segments of documentaries, and draw like, ten comic books. Two of Dash’s recent animated projects are above, the top is a trailer for his new comic New School, and the next is the short/music video Seraph, with music by Sigur Ros.