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Meat Wendy Vanity

Meathaus favorite YouTuber Wendyvanity has changed her username to madcatlady but is still cranking out the music video hits like these kind of gross-awesome meat themed videos. I hope she hasn’t erased all her old classic hits, haven’t dug deep yet. No wait I think they are still there and she is still Wendyvanity. I don’t know what is going on, obviously. But we have posted about her before here and here and here and you can see some nice screen grabs of her videos on those posts.


Miss Steak:

Cave of Time Music Video

Doofus rock demigods Ancient Justice have been laboring on this one-minute animated music video for the track “Cave of Time” in occasional forty-minute spurts at least three times over the last 15 years. And though it still isn’t done, just like a roast, sometimes you take that out of the oven before it’s cooked through and then it just sits there on the counter marinating in its own steaming juices and finishes itself off to moist perfection while you wait.

Joey Fourr Animation

Joey Fourr just sent over this animated music video, GET A LIEF, for you to check out about ten minutes ago. The fun part is that he drew on 144 sheets of paper and scanned them and then continued drawing new animation on them and re-scanned them and so on until things get dense. Also you can see the sheet numbers in the corner and see how he doesn’t play them straight through toward the end but does some loops to create moving holds and stretch little sections for specific timing. Also see his Crumb Cabin for zines and his website.

Burbank Times

Steven Universe

So I was out at Cartoon Network doing stuff for a thing (that is awesome and more on that later) and I met many super people and said hi to old pals. As far as swag is concerned I got a few Pops beach balls and Adventure Time hankies for the kids (thanks Brooke), and when I was meeting with GFTG! contributor Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, they gave me this copy of this official unofficial Steven Universe zine with sketches of the characters from Rebecca’s new show which premieres very soon. Also when I visited Uncle Grandpa, Pete Browngardt gave me a printout of an internet .jpg of the cover of Alf #48 which I will treasure forever.