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Posts relating to books that don’t fall into the zines or comics categories, often art books or kids books with great design, cover art and illustrations.

Good vs Evil Magazine

Good vs Evil Magazine

Daniel at Good vs Evil magazine tipped us off to his art publication that all comes together over here on the website (third issue pictured above) with a big list of contributors. Also related is the Good vs Evil blog with a nice selection of weirdo art and artists which of course is RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY. For example, check their neat find of the animation of Amy Lockheart aka Amy Logheart (screen grabs below from this little piece, “Walk For Walk“).

Amy Logheart Animation

Public Collectors

Amputee Love From Public Collectors

Outstanding, outrageous and ordinary items make up the collections available to browse through at the super site, Public Collectors. If you wanted to download and read the complete 1975 comic book, Amuptee Love, for example, browse to their page of complete publications in PDF form. If you’d like to see photos of cracks or posters in Mexico, see this digital collection. If you are more in the mood for Mexican ultra-violent filthy sex comic book covers, then sneak a peek into this dank corner. One of the above links is NSFW, guess which one.