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Comics: Philosophy & Practice

Check out the line-up for this event at the University of Chicago in May. It’s like the Yalta Conference of comics, wherein these behemoths of the field will divide up the spoils of their war-torn world and then roll their wheelchairs out onto the veranda for cigars and brandy. Who Stalin is in this metaphor I just cooked up, I don’t know. Maybe R. Crumb? He seems cranky enough. More info over at D&Q or at the U of Chicago site

Moo Luxe Business Cards

Moo Luxe Business Cards Packaging

So not too long ago, Moo and Meathaus gave away some business cards which was a win-win for everybody, except those who didn’t win. Moo recently came back calling and told me that they’d like to hook me up with some complementary examples of their new line of business cards, Moo Luxe. I said heck, sure, you know I love business cards. So let’s do this. So we did. This new line just launched this past week, and I got my new cards just today. The Luxe line has the same option as their regular cards, which they call “printfinity”. This means you can upload as much art as you want so that the back of your cards will each have a different design…or not if you just want one design. This is one of the main things differentiating Moo from their competition. Another thing has got to be the attention to detail in their packaging. Above, you’ll see the box the Moo Luxe cards arrived in. I had to get out my tools. I didn’t need them. There was one of those fake wax seal things on there. A ribbon. And so on.

Moo Luxe Business Cards

So the best part is definitely getting the multiple designs on the back. I enjoyed laying these out on the floor and looking at them. Not sure if I want to give them away. Anyway, it helps that I as I was ordering these I just happened to have been in the 30 or 40th day of my daily drawing routine so I had a new load of halfway decent images to upload for the backs of these cards. You could also use your favorite portfolio pieces or photos or different graphics, anything at all. They look and feel good. I’ll let their website do all the selling of their specific features, but one more notable thing is that these Luxe cards come with a colored stripe of paper down their centers. The printing looks very nice, there is a slight registration issue with my front colors, but the backs are spot on. Dig it.

Custom Business Card Give Away

Custom Business Card Give Away

If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you should know that I love business. BUSINESS! After many long, tortured years of resisting the concept of being in business, I embraced it. I learned that running your own business while maintaining your own standards of ethical and performance excellence can be a pinnacle of do-it-yourself achievement. I realized that drawing pictures and making books and videos and records and animating cartoons was what I loved doing growing up with my friends and that I would have to work hard to make that a viable option as my job. And I figured out that having a super fun business card to give to people that I meet is a really convenient way to give them the information, so I got over any goofy hang-ups that I had about that too, real quick.

These days there are a lot of companies out there that can print your custom designed business cards, postcards, stickers and other products. One that stands out is MOO, because they offer the option to have multiple designs in each order of cards, with no extra charges and plenty of low quantity print-run options that work for smaller budgets.

MOO knew what they were doing when they contacted us at Meathaus, because amongst you readers I know there are loads of visual artists/designers that are out in the world toughing it out as freelance warriors and business owners. You are the people that could certainly use some free business cards. So MOO has hooked us up with three coupon codes that will grant three winners of a random drawing 100 free cards.

All you have to do to get in the running is to comment anything on this post, making sure to enter a working email address in the appropriate spot, which is not viewable to the public but it is how winners will be contacted. The commenting will be open from now until early Monday morning when I get up. I get up early. For practical purposes, let’s just say until Sunday night. Then Monday morning I’ll pick three random winners and contact them with their codes that will work in both the US or UK centric stores that MOO operates. That’s it! Nice doing business with ya.

EDIT: Drawing is over! Stephen, bobotinkle and Mike have been notified that they won free biz cards!

Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell

I thought it would be nice to revisit Clients From Hell, which really lightens the mood when you are trying to scrape together a few pennies before that credit card auto-pay hits your business account because your cash flow consistency is in the toilet and the accounting department at you major client often pays three to five months after invoicing—if you badger enough … or something like that hypothetical example. (Previously mentioned here).

Creative Business

Again, while on the subject of BUSINESS, you creative types out there may also find this Creative Business website informative. The Creative Business people have free forms that you can download as PDFs and print out to use for all sorts of the business aspects of your freelance life that probably make your head hurt. Many of them are good starting points for you to create your own materials from and some are good to use as is, such as the estimating worksheet, creative brief questionnaire and illustration questionnaire. Creative Business also has written several books on the subject of Creative Business running, and published a bunch of downloadable articles that they do charge nominal fees for. (Previously mentioned here).

Alex Mathers Illustration

I’m adding a new category to the Meatlog: Business. I love business. Every freelance illustrator, designer or cartoonist out there knows at least enough business stuff to get by, but can always stand to learn more. AND LOVE IT.

I read all kinds of cheesy, corporate-speak articles, magazines and books about business, organization and motivation. It is what it is, bros, I’ve shed my hang-ups and I’m feeling great. Now I can’t wait to read the latest issue of Entrepreneur to find out which franchise I should set up in my living room, Little Caesar’s or Subway?

Speaking of business, Alex Mathers illustrates stuff here (and the illustrations above), runs his own art blog here, and then writes this other blog called Red Lemon Club which focuses on online self-promotion for creative freelancer types. Some tips you might find handy.