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Chris McD Sketchbook Comics

I made some new sketchbook comics recently, get into them all over on my Tumblr doodle dump. Also, speaking of comics, this comics show with multi-Meathaus-multi-Philly-area-comics artists’s art opens tonight (Facebook event page) in Old City, Philadelphia at the AIGA Philly space. See you there for some complimentary beverages and comics watching.

Team Society League Comics

Team Society League Comics

Team Society League Comics

Years and years of jam comics about a little blueberry-looking guy, some hotdogs and their buns, bodily fluids, putrefying flesh and more are waiting to be read over at Team Society League. They are created by Aaron Costain, John Martz, Steve Wolfhard, and Zach Worton. You can even buy two books of them.

Cartoons by Andrew Hart

Mouth & Ear

When she gets mad

Barcelona Page 2





Andrew Hart is a Co-Founder of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. He uses a quill pen and a thin, but powerful line. You can scroll through his blog with immaculate sketch pages by clicking HERE. You can read all of his syndicated, sweet and gloom-embracing Winston comics HERE.