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Angry Jim’s At the Shore

Angry Jim's At the Shore

No, Jim isn’t really down the shore right now, so don’t go and try to rob his apartment because he will be there and hit you over the head with a crate of laserdiscs. Check it out, Jim‘s At The Shore story is being released as a digital comic by Alternative Comics here, which is where you can go to experience it in a few issue chunks in the near future for a small amount of money. Jim has expanded or finished the last chapter of this story that was not released before in Jim’s Krachmacher book years ago.

Gigantic Stash of Comics to Read

The Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum

The Digital Comic Museum

Sorry, you’ve got to take the rest of the day off and read comics. Head over to The Digital Comic Museum to read and download free public domain golden age comics that range from adventure to romance to off-brand wonky Donald Duck rip-offs to all kinds of government a-bomb avoidance pamphlets to comics from cartoonist superstars like Walt Kelly, Milt Gross, Dr. Seuss, Dan Gordon, and more, to primitive comics from terrible cartoonists (see Little Moron by Heck and Ilda above). This is why they made the Internet, people. Free comics.

Babylon Falling Scan Collection

Babylon Falling

Babylon Falling is a massive tumblr collection of original scans of counter culture, hip hop, and underground comics papers and magazines. You can spend a long, satisfying time digging through the archive, or just go to the front page and use the drop down menus to sort by type of image or publication. An awesome effort. Above art is “The Time Has Come Today” by Gilbert Johnson for San Francisco Express Times (1968) from this post, and the featured image above that is here.