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Annie Mok Comics

Annie Mok Comics

Check out these two comics from Annie Mok that I got at the Locust Moon Fest, Screentests and Blue Blue Blues. These are cool because the Blue one is 2″ square and is printed on extra space left over on the sheet of paper that Screentests is printed on (see here). We did that with Meathaus #7 I think because we were like, hey dudes let’s make the comic book SQUARE, which of course was weird and non-standard and a pain in the ass. But anyway it produced this extra space and we printed the Beef Apartment zine cover on the extra area. Shoot, I wonder if that means we wasted all the interior page area. Anyway Annie’s comics are personal and look real nice. Screentests is about learning about Candy Darling through interviews and a visit to the Andy Warhol museum (plus one more story), and Blue Blue Blues has Sonic bummed about his cousin’s death and ruminations about existence. You can see more and buy these from Annie at her website.

The Infinite Corpse

The Infinite Corpse

The Trubble Club‘s new project is The Infinite Corpse which is a constantly expanding surreal comic stip starring Corpsey and drawn by cartoonists everywhere. It is expertly designed, the site functions well, it has already attracted the participation of a list of impressive talent, and is open for contributions from everyone. The one caveat is that it is edited by the Trubble Club to maintain quality control which is essential to make the whole effort worthwhile. The art quality of Trubble Club jam comics is what has always set them apart from your average jam comic, although both tend to feature plenty of mutant dongs.

A load of Meathaus contributors are in the mix. Checkitout.

EDIT: Being a bit loose in my language while writing this post, I wanted to clarify that although the Trubble Club’s own comics output is as filthy as it is funny, The Infinite Corpse is keeping content to a generally “PG-13″-equivalent rating so that it can be enjoyed by a wider audience than just cartoonists (i.e., degenerate perverts).

Ristaino is Dancing

Dancing for your cash, that is. I was backed up (work wise) and dropped the ball on posting about this when Andy Ristaino had emailed me about it… but anyways, looks like he’s doing pretty good. Check ‘er out. What am I talking about? Andy Ristaino is soliciting your funds to make a book collection of his comics over here. I don’t just post about any old kickstarter, but for an S.O.S. contributor? Well for sure.

EDIT: Are you seeing anything? Every other time this Vine embed is just showing blank space. Might relate to my blown-up-internet problems mentioned in the subsequent post above. I dunno. Maybe Vine’s embed technology just sucks.

EDIT: Andy sent over this image of the project, diggit: