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Two Takes on Macbeth

Benjamin Marra's Macbeth

When I was talking to Benjamin Marra at the Locust Moon Comics Fest here in Philly a few months ago he mentioned this 10-page Macbeth adaptation he was doing for the Bavarian State Opera. Ben shared some images from his project on his blog, and a few are posted above. Our discussion brought back these intense memories of a comic book adaptation of Macbeth that I had read in 6th grade for school. In a coincidence, I reclaimed some old boxes from my parents basement and found the copy of that Macbeth comic recently. Below are a few scans from the comic book adaptation that I read in 6th grade, published in 1982 by Workman Publishing with illustrations by “Von” complete with generous air brushing and what appears to be marker and gouache. The color illustrations by Von below are primitive in some ways but share a good, brutal energy with Ben’s interpretation of Macbeth above, both fitting for the material.

Macbeth by Von

Locust Moon Comics Fest Coming Up

Locust Moon Comics Fest Coming Up
Locust Moon Comics Fest Coming Up

You’ve got to see the super size version of this poster and try to find all the characters and tiny references to different creators’s work and Philly-centric stuff Farel has incorporated.

Here’s some of the press release info from Chris and Josh at Locust Moon. Note this says it opens at 10am and the poster at 11am, so I dunno:

“On Sunday, December 16th, Locust Moon Comics will host the first LOCUST MOON COMICS FESTIVAL, an annual celebration of comics and illustration to be held at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia (4014 Walnut Street). More than just a convention, this unique event will honor comic creators and comic creations. The emphasis will be on independent and creator-owned books, as the Rotunda will play host to many of the most distinguished and acclaimed artists, writers, and publishers in the comics world.
This unique gathering will boast a vast variety of local Philadelphia talents such as Robert Woods (Depressed Punx), J.G. Jones (Final Crisis), James Comey (Donkey Punch), Mark Robinson (I Love Trouble), and Box Brown (Everybody Dies), alongside acclaimed cartoonists from across North America including Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War), Brandon Graham (Prophet), David Mack (Kabuki) and dozens of others. The festivities will sprawl across the weekend at the LOCUST MOON COMICS headquarters at 34 S. 40th St, including a gallery show featuring original artwork by festival attendees, an all-star Drink & Draw on Saturday the 15th where many of the greatest cartoonists in the world will jam and collaborate, and a party on Sunday night to close out what promises to be a wild and inspiring weekend.

The festival itself will be an all-day affair on Sunday (10am to 8pm), as a cornucopia of publishers and creators will vend their wares, sign books, and greet fans. Many artists including Jim Rugg, Farel Dalrymple, and Mark Robinson will debut festival-exclusive prints, and several including Box Brown will debut new books. With refreshments provided by Kung Fu Hoagies and Little Baby’s Ice Cream (who will debut a secret new flavor specifically engineered for the event), the festival promises to be delicious, as well.”

The Philly Cartoonist Society will be there. Meathaus will be there with at least me, Jeffro, Farel and (hopefully) Brandon and a variety of books, Go For the GOLD! issues, and I’ll be premiering my Lenny’s Summer Job sketchbook comics in zine form, issue #1. I’ve been trying for a month to get more copies of S.O.S. in time from the publisher so we’ll see about that. Looks like they might get here in time. Also I’ll have Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book, naturally:

Andrew Hart Comics

Andrew Hart Comics

Andrew Hart is one of the founders of the Philly Cartoonist Society and I met him for the first time over a sausage sampler at some German place in Center City with Jeffro the first time I met him too over a decade ago. Jeff had gotten in contact with me through the Philly Funny Papers, a free monthly comics paper that we all had been contributing to and which had a good run for a few years, edited and published by my ancient friend L-Beast’s dad who is also a cartoonist. Anyway… Andrew and Jeff have always been at the core of the PCS even as newer members have taken initiative to keep the group active and kicking and a vital part of the action here. Recently it seems that some members have been posting comics online regularly. For example Patch and Christine Larsen (two artists that also teach classes at UArts) have both started cranking out comics here and here. Andrew also has started something new called Winston which you see a few strips from above. Take a look at all this action.