Letter to Meathaus: Kurt Austin

Eyeball this: Kurt Austin sent Meathaus a package with a drawing zine The Sandwich of Food and a letter that reads:

“Hi Meathaüs
Here is my new book ‘The Sandwich of Food!’
Hope ya really dig it!
Thanks for being around!
–Kurt Austin”

Thanks Kurt for this sweet sandwich book. It is stream of consciousness type doodlings of dimensional structures and food parts and popped out eyeballs and words and such. See more images and drawings over on Kurt’s Tumblr.


Letter to Meathaus: Everett Rand

Everett Rand of the Mineshaft Magazine publishing empire has sent Meathaus another expertly crafted comics, sketchbook, poetry and drawing zine full of stupendous creations and a typed letter reading:

“Jan 10, 2017
Hello Chris at Meathaus,
Here’s a copy of the new Mineshaft… I hope you like it!
very best wishes,
Mineshaft Headquarters”

Absolutely, Everett! This issue is full of work from storied contributors R. Crumb, Billy Childish, J.R. Helton, Bill Griffith, Peter Poplaski, Rika Deryckere, Robert Armstrong, John Porcellino, Jim Blanchard, Karl Stevens, Christoph Mueller, Noah Van Sciver, Justin Murphy, Nina Bunjevac, Frank Stack, Aaron Lange, Laure Boin, Mary Fleener, David Collier, and William Crook, Jr. See more on the Mineshaft website where you can get your own copies and many back issues.


Letter to Meathaus: Nigel Clark

Take a look at this: Nigel Clark sent Meathaus a package with some postcards, stickers, a comic DOODER No. 2 and a sticky note that reads:

“Hey Meathaus,
How’ve ya been? I see that you’re keeping well. Here’s my new comic (and some stickers)!
Best wishes,

Well thanks, Nigel, it’s cool how you drew different styles of comics in your short story collection DOODER, which I definitely typed more than once as DOOBER before realizing it was DOODER. I think I scanned a few examples here for this post. According to his website, Nigel is a SVA alumnus too [currently flashing secret hand signals at computer screen]. Dig into more drawing and comics on Nigel’s website DOODER.


Letter to Meathaus: Anna Krzton

Dig it: Anna Krzton sent Meathaus a package with a badge, stickers, two mini comics and a postcard with a note that reads:

“Dear Meathaüs,
Thanks for publishing awesome works on your website. Here’s some of my comics (about some Polish cities). I hope you’ll like it!

Dzień dobry Anna, thanks for all these goods. I know about the stress of moving since I think I’ve moved twelve times inside three cities, but I’ve never moved anywhere where the air pollution immediately gives everyone zits or skin problems as you depicted in your comic. Thanks again for the comics! See more from Anna on her website.


Postcard to Meathaus: Artem Filatov

Check it out: Artem Filatov sent Meathaus this postcard called “In toad’s hands” with a note on the back:

“Hi Meathaus!
Greetings from Russia! This is my hand-pulled silkscreen postcard. I send them in the end of each year.

Thanks Artem! Meathaus loves to get postcards from far-away places. It sparks the imagination, and they usually come with curious postage stamps. Love the toad and the decorative AR seal which stands for Anvil Rosenkreuz, which is where you can see more work from Artem as well as on Instagram.


Letter to Meathaus: Christoph Mueller

Look at this: Meathaus SOS contributor Christoph Mueller sent Meathaus his solo comic book anthology The Nincompoop No. 1 and an envelope drawing that reads:

“Hey there Meathaüs!
Hope you’ll dig my little D.I.Y. comic book–
Best wishes,
C.M. 2016”

Outstanding, Christoph. What a fine production, and self-published, too! You know we at Meathaus can dig that. In terms of digging, The Nincompoop makes me feel like I’ve just dug it out of the stacks of NYC’s comics shops seventeen years ago when I was scoring ’90s era Eightballs and Dirty Plottes and picking up the latest Jimmy Corrigans. You’ll want to find more about this ish over on Mueller’s Journal and check out all the other fine drawing and design work while you are there.


Letter to Meathaus: John Carvajal

Check it out, a while ago John Carvajal sent Meathaus this package with Scraps, two issues of Anterran and a letter that reads:

“Hey Meathaus!
Hope you enjoy these comics! Anterran is a collaboration with my friend Simon [Mesnard], Scraps is a collection of short stories I’ve done over the last few years.
[drawing of John blowing steam off of his mug of hot liquid]”

Super, John, thanks for sharing these books with Meathaus. Take a look at more work and drawings with this watercolor wash technique John uses on John’s website,, his Tumblr, Instagram and the aforementioned,


Letter to Meathaus: Warren Elliott

Warren Elliot sent Meathaus this mini comic from Arizona called Dope Fiend Monkey No. 1, in which our hero scores some dope and gets high for a little while and then needs some more. Check out the nice letter and drawing from Warren in the scan above and dig into Warren’s Almost Normal Comics website and Tumblr for more comics and comics reviews and links to more comics.


Letter to Meathaus: Damian Rivera

Check it out, Damian Rivera has sent Meathaus a mini but fat package of micro zines with all these drawings of sad, rotted and gross people doing stuff or just hanging out there on the page. Damian puts these out on his Leper King Press imprint, as detailed in the letter which you can also read there in the scan! Cool Meathaus dog, dawg. Also see more work on Damian’s Tumblr.


Letter to Meathaus: C’est Bon

Check it out I think there are maybe three books here in this letter stash from C’est Bon that have managed to pile up here. Dig that Inés Estrada cover art and that “original autobio” Julia Scott book.

Look at more C’est Bon Anthology books at the the C’est Bon Kultur website and tumblr and cruise the tag here for previous publications sent to Letters to Meathaus.