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Remember when you read comics on paper and they would have a letters column with reader’s words and drawings? Yeah! This is an archive of our Letters Page. You can still write us an email on the Contact page, but Letters to Meathaus is now closed! Thanks for the letters!

Letter to Meathaus: Gang Bang Bong

Inés Estrada (previously mentioned here, and a contributor to GO FOR THE GOLD! 3) sent up her new collaborative comics anthology with Ginette LaPalme (previously mentioned here) as co-editor. We scooped this jimmy jawnson a while back on another post about another Inés publication here before anything much was up on the comic’s blog, but now there is info and art and ordering opportunities there. Looks like Inés will be at MoCCA on April 10-11 in NYC also.

Letter to Meathaus: Spew Barrymore

Lachlann Rattray writes from Glasgow,

“Here is a copy of a book I just released, it is called ‘Kettle of Flesh‘ and it consists of 31 portraits of old people. I called it ‘Kettle of Flesh‘ primarily so that I could call the next on ‘A Whole New Kettle of Flesh‘, but I got side tracked and now my next release will be portraits of Star Trek characters and will be called, ‘Gnar Trek‘ I am all about retarded puns.”

Thanks Spew! See more of Mr. Barrymore’s work here.

Letter to Meathaus: Greetings from Riga

David writes Meathaus from Riga, Latvia:

“This is to tell you that your blog is also highly enjoyed in Latvia. As a little “thank you present” I send you our comics magazine. Hope you’ll like it. Greetings from Riga, David.”

Awesome! Thanks David. Above are postcards featuring work from artists Anete Melece, Oskars Pavlovskis, and Mārtiņš Zutis. The comic book (ku)š! #5 is below along with cover artwork from two earlier issues found on the website. Check the links and artist pages for a lot more cool Baltic and worldwide artists.

Letter To Meathaus: Ayo

Darryl Ayo B. sent this cool card to Meathaus recently. Excerpt from the note: “…Please keep up the excellent work! The Meatlog is a wonderful resource.”

And with that, we are happy to launch a new category on the Meatlog, Letters. Through the wonders of BLOG, every new real letter we receive through the real mail will be scanned and posted on the front page, after which it will always be accessible on the letters page (category). We’ll post the art and type up the letter and respond to anything in it that seems appropriate to. And we’ll link to the letter’s author’s website. Write some letters to Meathaus. The address is on the contact page.