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James Jean/Chris McD Gocco Print

James Jean/Chris McD Gocco Print

I just found a small stash of these. Check out this gocco print James and I did back around, oh, I don’t know maybe 2004 plus or minus a couple years. I can remember the “Meathaus Meltdown” show (oh man it was 2003 I’ve been saying 2004 for 10 years) we did at Meltdown was around Valentines Day 2003, and we collaborated on another kick-butt poster for that. But I can’t place when we did this small Gocco thing. I think we took these to A.P.E. with us the one year Celia, James, Jay, Jim, Farel and myself were all there for some reason. Good times. Never mind I found it on this very blog, wow. 2006 archive, month of April. Anyway, remember when Print Gocco was all the rage for a bit there? All the comics people found out about them over the course of a few years and everyone was mail-ordering these things from Japan. That was before everyone got digital duplicator machines. Yeah the Print Gocco was a great tiny home print-making unit, but they stopped making the flash bulbs and photo-sensitive screens I think. One of those things. I probably have enough for one or two more screens. You can probably guess who drew what on this print.

Meathaus at Locust Moon Comics Fest Tomorrow Saturday 25th

Meathaus at Locust Moon Comics Fest Tomorrow Saturday 25th

This super fun pile of books is only about half of the selection of stuff that will be sitting on the Meathaus table waiting for you tomorrow at the Locust Moon Comics Fest here in Philly. New in the photo are the Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo art book and my new Dogs and Cats mini comic with dumb dogs and cats gags in it (read that online here then buy it at the fest for two bucks). The Adventure Time book will go for cover price ($35) but I will be there to sign it to you if you like with variations on the three drawings I practiced which are pretty much Finn screaming, Jake screaming and Lemongrab screaming. Oh yeah Lumpy Space Princess screaming, I can do that too. See you there.

Meathaus is on Tumblr Now Too

Meathaus SOS

For all you Tumblr peoples we now have a sort-of mirror over there feeding these delicious post nuggets right into your dashboard. You asked for it (two people), you got it. This was made possible by this super Jetpack plugin from WordPress which is also allowing these posts to automatically get publicized to Twitter too. I don’t know. Maybe that’s annoying? Well anyway. A few of you wanted the meat feed on Tumblr. So here is where you find it:

There is still no easy way to import the existing blog’s archive into Tumblr with out a bunch of programming crap so you can forget about seeing all the years of old posts over there, but they still are all still here for your browsing pleasure.

Once again, I must warn you out of NSFWness to try to remember not to accidentally go to plain old meathaus dot tumblr because that is someone’s “spank bank” of beefy nude dudes, unless that is what you are after. We are meathauscomics dot tumblr dot com.

Check out the above details from images from Tomer & Asaf‘s and Farel‘s comics in Meathaus SOS, which you can buy in the shop.

Old site layout

And do you remember when was pre-blog, pre-2006? We’ve had a website since 2000 or so. We had a load of layouts we went through including some fun Flash ones in the early 2000s. I found this weird and cool layout file above that is similar to what Meathaus looked like at one point when I taught myself some basic PHP to go along with my HTML and CSS “knowledge” and hacked together a whole website with a backend for each of our members so they could update their own comics and pages and bios and stuff. I was so excited about it until a bunch of people just installed loads of backdoors and bank phishing scams on our server. Bunch of ruiners. Just because I didn’t bother to learn anything about security too. Oh well.

What is Happening

Meathaus SOS

What is happening to my Meathaus you might ask. Well not too much just getting a little design refresh building off the default WordPress themes that can do way more than I can figure out how to do. Anyway they’ll also regularly get updated and become more powerful and secure whereas my old tweaked themes just got older and disintegrated slowly as I chopped them up and ruined them in fits of meat-destruction. Wow, why not buy a copy of the full color Meathaus SOS book to celebrate. Also look at this Thomas Herpich artwork that wasn’t in the SOS book. Perhaps it was an alternate cover option? Amazing.

Cheap Meat Sale








I just remembered that people start buying stuff around this time. Which also reminded me that I bought all the back stock of Meathaus SOS so it would be available as long as the book stock holds up. My goal is to get these books into your hands all over the world, not have them sit in the basement. Also same goes for the other back issues of Meathaus that constitute the New Olde Pack. I encourage you to check out the BUY page and get an eye-full of this SALE. If you don’t have Meathaus SOS yet, then you should get it now. It’s like 50 or 60% off or something. It’s $12.95 plus shipping. Not the $30 plus shipping it was yesterday.

Cool Spam


Kathie writes Meathaus:

“Hello, I am writing in an unusual case … Some time ago, I used your services, and one of your employees face was familiar to me. At dinner with my wife, it turned out that he was a burglar, who 5 years ago broke into our home!!! This is ridiculous!!! How you can hire criminals? I found at least 3 bad entries for him at website for background check!! I am sure there are more!!! Please do something about it, things like that are ridiculous!!!”

Thanks for taking the time to write Meathaus, Kathie. I was thinking about what you wrote and how you had to take the time to put it into our contact form and send it. Besides it being absolutely batshit nutballs, I was wondering, what could you possibly want? One possibility is of course that the Internet, churning full of crazy, has by chance spewed forth a tendril which came in contact with our contact form, like a wild bolt of lightning to a looney rod. Despite my mixed metaphors which I wont even bother re-reading, I’m fairly certain however that Kathie, you have a darker purpose.

Your reply email is a gmail address, nothing especially suspicious there (like if it was or something). So your game must be multi-tiered. Could it be that your scheme requires a reply from an honest sucker trying to do right by you, his customer? After which, what happens? You ask for bank account information to transfer four million dollars of a dead prince’s heirless fortune? Just let me know what you want, Kathie. Let’s talk it out. Just be real, man, and maybe we can have a beautiful friendship after all. And wait… did you eat dinner with the burglar, or just remember him later at dinner?

See You at Locust Moon Fest Yesterday

See You at Locust Moon Fest Today

Locust Moon Fest. C U THERE. I’ll have some Meathaus comics, Go For The Golds, Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book, a few copies of books I designed, Farel, Jay, D-pi, Jeffro will be there. Meathaus S.O.S. will be on super-sale. Also I’ll have my new micro zine Alien Pets. There is a Meathaus panel discussion at 4pm at the Locust Moon store too.

EDIT: This was yesterday, thanks Locust Moon for another fun time.