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These people at BOOOOOOOM! are right. We are one of the 17 creative sites that you should bookmark and look at, or else you are dumb. They are also right about our fine selection of inspirational cartooning and comics (and art, illustration, photography, etc.) links. These babies are found deep in the link mines and are unearthed just for you. We remove megatons of useless internet garbage links just to get the sweet shiny ones to post. While we are on the subject, check out the rest of their list. Your bookmarks bar just got fattah.

Meathaus Update

Jason Sacher Comics Golden Circle

A few new things to note on For 2009 we have stopped making links pop a blank browser window as I had been doing out of habit for years for no good reason. The user should have that control to decide to launch a new browser window with a simple right click.

The front page has been restructured again in a three column format to allow for Blogads on the left and soon more Meathaus content, and Google ads and other Meathaus content on the right. You can advertise on the left column by clicking the “Advertise Here” link below the Blogads. I am not sure if the Google ads are specifically target-able or not, but you can certainly advertise with them as well. The ad revenue has been enough to support the server rent which houses multiple Meathaus dude’s personal sites, so that has been great for the last year or so.

The body font size has been increased by a point and the line height increased in order to be less eye-shredding.

Best of all, we will be creating longer form articles and other original content which will be posted under the top-left Meathaus Articles header. New today is our first in a series of miniature biography pages about our various Meathaus artists. First up, Jay Sacher.

Meathaus SOS Is Available Here NOW

EDIT: I’m taking out the dealz and BUY NOW buttons from this page because we now have a functioning STORE where you can buy Meathaus S.O.S. and the rest of our books.

Sure Meathaus S.O.S. is the best book we’ve ever made, but it has been unavailable on Amazon for most of the four months it has been published. We’re seeing discussion here that it is also scarce across the country in your local comics stores.

You can buy it directly from Meathaus right now and I will send you the book priority mail with FREE shipping.

Simple deal, $30 (cover price) gets you the new Meathaus S.O.S. shipped to you for free and I tend to throw in some stuff to these flat rate envelopes (like the cringingly awesome old Meathaus issue #1, postcards, doodles, and/or Ancient Justice 7″ records).


International customer? No problem! I am also paying part of your shipping cost for Priority mail.

Go For The Gold! They like it:

Meathaus Logo
From Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew:
… I received my copy of GO FOR THE GOLD: A MEATHAUS SKETCHBOOK when I got back from Ottawa and I’ve been completely inspired over the past couple days … [Go For The Gold! brings] together an incredible array of names from the illustration and animation worlds … The whole thing totals 218 black-&-white pages, and sells for a quite affordable $12.95. You will not find a better bargain around. It’s printed on-demand by, and the print quality rivals any printed book to be found at the bookstore. Note: I was offered a complimentary copy, but insisted on paying because I want to encourage quality artist-driven projects, and GO FOR THE GOLD is a project most worthy of support.

From “FFWD: Calgary’s News and Entertainment Weekly, Web Watch by Courtney Thompson”:
Meathaus ( is an artists’ collective born out of New York’s School of Visual Arts, including such illustrious members as James Jean, Jim Campbell and Tomer Hanuka. The group has published seven anthology comic books, which are available on its website along with prints, music and T-shirts. The Go for the Gold Meathaus sketchbook is not to be missed – it’s a gift so good you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

Buy Go For The Gold! for your self at