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Music isn’t the main focus here at but we love music. When some especially special weird music item comes up, we’ll post it here.

Poison Maneater

Poison Maneater

Internet, I am so on fire for U 2nite. Here is what I want from you to satisfy my desire, please do me a mashup of Hall and Oates “Maneater” with Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” and not only will you be the new Dangermouse but when it makes me shake my rump on the dance floor I will send you free comics. Never trust a big butt and a smile.

Do me this flavor

Paper Fleet

You should be aware that Meathaus colleague Jim Campbell (aka Angry Jim) has a long-running rock music outfit called Paper Fleet. Check out their page out on this popular social networking site, and perhaps “like” it if that’s your kind of gig. And look at this flyer Jim drew for an upcoming Paper Fleet show at The Bell House Frontier Room in Brooklyn on May 3rd. I can joyfully attest to the fact that both Paper Fleet’s and Moonmen on the Moon, Man‘s aural excellence equals the visual excellence on display below.

Music For Programming

Music For Programming

Oh man have my posts and other online activities been in a deep freeze recently, and it’s not because recently a selection of comic book enthusiasts online hated something that I worked on with a fierce and burning passion, no actually it is because I have been butt-ass busy, as they say. Good thing our Meat Bros (see previous post) are still kicking around the site and posting occasionally. We aren’t dead yet. With that said I just wanted to poke my head into the site here and let you know that since the last time I mentioned Music For Programming there seems to have been two more mixes released and a website set up. A bit of description here if it isn’t also on the website. These mix tapes are perfect for going in deep.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

So I was listening to this Throatcast Episode 20 interview with Dan Nadel of Picturebox conducted by LPH and posted here on fullfrenzy. That’s one thing, but I got excited to hear the opening track on the interview and then double excited to see the link to the source of the track on a site called Free Music Archive. The track is by the Alash Ensemble, which is a quartet of throat singer/musicians from Tuva. (Above photo by David Aronson). On the FMA you can download live recordings of their fantastic music.

I keep yelling at my students about being aware of copyright issues as they make their animation and videos so that they are completely free and clear to do whatever they want with their works after working so hard on them. Free Music Archive is a resource that allows you to download any of their music and enjoy it, and sometimes use tracks for additional purposes. All you have to do is to look at the license granted to you by the artists, specific to each work to see how it is available to be used and what is required of you if you use it. See the FAQ. Also see earlier posts where I go wild for public domain media.

The Free Music Archive makes the point that they are a curated site and this is reflected in their high quality music selections across many genres including such specifics as field recordings, Skweee, and Wonky. (Definitely not going to pretend I was in-the-know about those last two classifications before this morning. But they’re good.) This curated collection sets it apart from the selection of free stuff on, for example, but both are worth exploring. In general if this seems relevant to your life as a media creator, you should also be aware of the Creative Commons organization which is the source of the alternate licenses to straight up full-on chub-on copyright.

Up From the Stacks

If I still lived in San Francisco, I would be very excited about attending this pop opera by cartoonist Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy next week. Here’s the description from Katchor’s website:

Set in The New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street and in the environs of Times Square circa 1970, Up From the Stacks is the story of Lincoln Cabinée, a college student working part-time as a page, retrieving books for readers from the Library’s collection of 43 million items. This routine evening job inadvertently thrusts young Cabinée into the treacherous crossroads of scholarly obsession and the businesses of amusement and vice that then flourished in the 42nd Street area. The intellectual life of the city and the happiness of a young man hang in the balance.

Yes! Sleaze and libraries! Up From the Stacks will be performed at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on February 23rd.

Neat Bits

Kenichi's Prints

Kenichi has released a new limited edition print called “Dictator” for you to purchase and become subservient to. Also look at Mr. Hoshine’s website and blog.

Tomer Hanuka Illustrations

Tomer drew these illustrations of Ai Weiwei and posted about them here with a link to a whole documentary on the artist to get you up to speed.

Datassette Megamixes

And hot dang, I have found my dream stash of online mega mix tapes, courtesy of music maker and mixer, Datassette/Datashat. Started out the morning with some droning fuzz tinkling “Music For Programming” and am chasing it with some hard hitting greasy businesscore “Businessfunk” mixes I, II and III. Via Mr. Doob.

Just Go Do It

Ancient Justice

Recent track by rock monsters, Ancient Justice, that always inspires me to shut down the whiney train and Just Go Do It. Ancient Justice is Ben, Liam and Chris (me), and we record and write every song simultaneously. I was trying to figure out the lyrics to this song that Ben sung on and no one really could make most of it out. This is what we have so far and besides the first verse, the rest is kind of garbled:

Stop coming with a bad attitude
Just tell me what you wanna do and go do it
Just go do it
I wanna be inspired by you not annoyed by you
Just go do it
I’m coming with your sausage link
I’ve gotta run and bring your drink
Just go get it
Just go get me something to drink
Those links are so salty delicious
I said I gotta get outta this stop and think
And stop and think before I cross the street
And I’m early
But I’ll never get to where I’m going
So people around are moving ahead and I’m standing still
He looks out his window


Jenny offered this:

It was like this weekend
He looked down at the radio and he said:
“confident, frats were thinking about the residents”
And the seizures gotta sack of raining… go do it.