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Music isn’t the main focus here at but we love music. When some especially special weird music item comes up, we’ll post it here.

E*Rock E*Vax Audio Dregs

Cool dude brothers E*Rock and E*Vax both are recording artists and into visuals as well. E*Rock does drawings and animation and more on his website here. E*Vax has a music site here and the label they have been running for years, Audio Dregs, has a site with lots of music to listen to and music videos to watch. Above are a few E*Rock pieces from his Flickr pages. E*Rock also is part of the multimedia team, WYLD FiLE, along with Paper Rad and Cory Arcangel.

Chad VanGaalen Art & Music

Chad VanGaalen Art & Music

Chad VanGaalen holes up in his basement in Calgary and prolifically records music as himself and as Black Mold which is his electronic, instrumental project. Then, he animates pulsating intricate music videos for his own tracks. He recently released a free EP of B-sides from his album Soft Airplane.

Previously mentioned here where you can watch a youtube playlist of even more VanGaalen animation.

Here are two new videos for Black Mold tracks: