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Tom Spina Designs

Tom Spina Designs, Inc. is a New York based business that creates custom sculpture, mannequins, highly unique themed furniture and elements. They also specialize in the restoration & display of movie props and wardrobe.

Their website has tons of awesome crazy photos of movie props they made and restored. A horror or sci-fi fan could dig around for hours looking at the pictures on this site. Click here to go to Tom Spina’s site.

Gremlins 2 Restoration

Critters Restoration
Large Mogwai Restoration

Tauntaun Restoration
Wolfman Replica for Display

Adam Batchelor Food

I always tell students that they must sketch their ideas out before they jump onto the computer and begin farting around without direction. In artist Adam Batchelor’s case he of course already knows that and draws out his idea about the really big whale burger with the works before he sculpts it out of Super Sculpey. He also makes doughnuts and phallic dog worms to put through the doughnut holes over here.

Edit: And to clarify this post, Adam is not a student of mine, he is a student of life.