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Jeffro’s Fish & Bird

It’s relaxing to chill out and watch Jeff methodically ink some special work. Says Jeffro:

Upcoming Tom Waits Tribute Art Show at Atlantis, the Lost Bar–small group of artists. Tight theme, paying homage to one of my artistic heroes. I’ve done many drafts on the theme of this song over the years, but couldn’t get it right. I think I’m getting it this time–realizing that humpback whales usually breach the surface spinning upside down.

If the ink drawing turns out how I want it to, I will have a limited edition color print made for the show.

Mike Bell & the Movies Punched in the Face a Lot

The second video from previously mentioned Goal Achievement Club is the official music video for the Mike Bell & the Movies track “Everyone,” in which Mike takes some blows to the head in delightful slo-mo:

Also get into this interesting bonus footage from camera 2 for a look behind the scenes:

“Everyone” by Mike Bell & the Movies is from the album Nothing Works now available on Major Bear Records and iTunes.