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Letters to Meathaus: Write a letter to Meathaus and we’ll post it on our Letters page, with artwork/books/zines/comics included if considered relevant to our blog and readers. Mail the letters to the below address:

P.O. BOX 4365
Philadelphia, PA 19118

All posts here are curated and represent a viewpoint that readers come here to experience, so consider your item’s relevance to this site before sending. Additionally we usually do not post negative reviews of things that we think are crud because the focus here is on sharing inspirational, neat stuff. There is no guarantee that your items will be posted on this site. Lastly, preparing posts about some of the cool things we get takes a while, so be patient.

For all electronic correspondence and suggestions of websites to post on the MEATLOG, send us a note here:

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We try to respond to every correspondence eventually, but sometimes it takes a month or six months. Fuggit. I tried responding to everything but I’m too far behind now. I do read every email however, and enjoy looking at all the art suggestions. Thanks for writing, we appreciate your readership, involvement and enthusiasm!

We are all meat in the end