Jeffro’s Fish & Bird

It’s relaxing to chill out and watch Jeff methodically ink some special work. Says Jeffro:

Upcoming Tom Waits Tribute Art Show at Atlantis, the Lost Bar–small group of artists. Tight theme, paying homage to one of my artistic heroes. I’ve done many drafts on the theme of this song over the years, but couldn’t get it right. I think I’m getting it this time–realizing that humpback whales usually breach the surface spinning upside down.

If the ink drawing turns out how I want it to, I will have a limited edition color print made for the show.

Vince Collins Animation

Vince Collins keeps producing kick-butt animated shorts, get into his YouTube page to see more. Embedded below are 2013’s “The Lizard of OZ” and the brand new “Animation Time” from 2015! You’ll remember Vince from earlier shorts created in 2D cell animation such as “Malice in Wonderland.” More were featured on the Cartoon Brew piece I wrote a year or two back.

We are all meat in the end