Meathaus Feels the Love

A personal note from Chris:

I’m thankful for Meathaus: The concept, the comics, the informal group of artists. I’m grateful for these siblings-in-Meat‘s friendship and guidance. These people have changed my life forever. I’m thankful for all the contributors to our anthology comics and sketchbooks over the years, and the people who bought them and shared them. I’m super psyched about all the artists whose work gets shared here. I’m feeling the love from all the people who take the time to write a letter to Meathaus and send their latest work to share with us and with our little slice of the global audience. We hold on to this tactile exchange of media and ideas. This pile of Letters to Meathaus (above) gets me misty eyed.

Always keep making stuff! Keep your course steady toward progress! Support your neighbors and community! Never regress. RESIST.

Also, by the way, finally killed the ad to the right. Who cares, it was tacky and never paid for the server bills anyway. Now it is straight-up art the way it should be, and everything displays a lot nicer and wider.

Also, also, I doubled the amount of featured article thumbnails that appear on the top of the front page (above). It is the best way to see a random selection of past articles and go catch up with the artists!

Joost Stokhof Art

Joost Stokhof wrote Meathaus to share a new project called Accidental Storylines. Here is Joost’s description of these curious drawings:

I wanted to take a moment to share my project ‘Accidental Storylines’ with you. The project consists of more than 130 A4-sized drawings and is still growing (and will be for some time). Each drawing is based on memories, thoughts, views, photographs, dreams and everything in between. All these elements come together on one single piece of paper for which I apply one simple rule; I have to finish a single piece in one session. All the rest happens while drawing. Individual parts of every piece tend to tell a new story when coming together on the paper, hence the name Accidental Storylines. There is no plans upfront, and no touch ups afterwards. So to me they feel like very intuitive comics in a way.

See the project at Accidental Storylines and more from Joost here.

We are all meat in the end