Letter to Meathaus: Christine Larsen

Get into it: Christine Larsen sent Meathaus the latest load of her comics because she is a machine. What a steady steadfast one person production outfit. What a force. Check it out, she even has a map of the Orcs! world. Christine streamlined her online presence down to just portfolio website, Instagram and blog (I can understand how Tumblr could potentially a time-suck and/or a soul-suck), where you can see a bunch more pages from these items.

Chippendale on Artist Spaces

Dig into Brian Chippendale‘s essay The Paradox of Life Affirming Death Traps over on The Creative Independent about his time building and living in Fort Thunder and experiences touring and playing through places like it. Featured photo is a detail from the article photo by Adam Wallacavage. Below photos are from the Fort Thunder website thanks to archive.org and my Wayback Machine digging skillz.

Philly Small Press Faire Hot Stash

Pat Aulisio and pals threw another sweet small press event recently where Pat also exhibited drawings, comics and a sculptural construction in the middle of the floor. I was able to pick up a few items in a brief time there. It looked like a great, packed and tightly curated little event. From Pat I grabbed The Greater Good (co-authored with Josh Bayer) and Stoner Alien:

At another table I was able to get these beautiful books from Lale Westvind (scans are of two covers and one interior spread):

And some newish Mickey Z stuff which was also on her table:

And there was a table with some young people from the Fleisher Art Memorial‘s teen classes (I think?), who were selling some prints and comics and stuff. I grabbed a cute comics zine about a cat who finds some wintery holiday happiness:

My only beef? Someone’s gotta tell these youngsters that a DIY comics zine made from one double sided photocopy sheet and two staples usually runs cheaper than four bucks! On the other hand, was it a fundraiser? I don’t know. If so, I’m an ass for bringing that up. But you can’t blame me since I’m now old as dirt and losing my faculties. Young people: you are the future.

Letter to Meathaus: Guido Pretini

Letter to Meathaus: Guido Pretini

Letter to Meathaus: Guido Pretini

Letter to Meathaus: Guido Pretini

Letter to Meathaus: Guido Pretini

Here is a case where I wont show any interior pages from a comic that was mailed to us. The attached letter you can read above adds some context to this Italian comic book. Apparently it is a collection of short comics that parody the mainstream Italian comic character Tex Willer, written and drawn by a variety of people over a few decades and now re-published. The imagery is brutal and generally rendered in a range from professional slickness to Jack-Chick-tract-style grunge. Without the ability to read Italian, or knowledge of the original parody subject, there is no way for me to appreciate a satirical message beyond the surface of the drawings and what they depict. Perhaps these artists and writers are brilliant satirists––I don’t know, but the letter hinting at their total ostracization from the Italian publishing world suggests otherwise. There’s a chance that these are simply blunt stabs at subversion––obvious attempts, like drawing a Mickey Mouse comic where he does some “adult” stuff. But the ugliness here is in how dedicated to the worst possible violence these comics are, seemingly to the point of nullifying any effective satire which might be there. (This is territory R. Crumb repeatedly broached in his most unrestrained and self-indulgent work, for an American example.) I’ll save you and I the trouble of scanning and posting the comics that they drew depicting child rape and murder, Nazism, sexual disembowelment, bestiality, etc. because the dark nihilistic world of these comics is exactly the kind of thing that doesn’t need a signal boost in the current climate. In fact, now is the time to be very clear about where we stand and what we reject.

We are all meat in the end