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Tracey Elle Art

Hey check it out, Tracey Elle wanted to let you know that she is drawing twenty free portraits of people from the Internet today on the Internet starting at 10am EST using the computers and reddits and stuff like that, and you could be one of them. Since I’m old and tan and wrinkly (just back from Fajardo which accounts for the tan part) I have no idea what she’s talking about but you should definitely try to click over to her Tumblr and gather more information. I’m kidding about not knowing what is going on, the truth is that Tracey was in a class that I taught once at UArts and I personally know she is dedicated to constantly growing as an artist and is super enthusiastic about everything and I’m not surprised that she will soon be going to a summer program at Gobelins followed by studies at CalArts. Anyway you can get free portraits from her until they run out and then commission portraits from her on indiegogo to help fund her studies. I’ve gathered that there is no link to send you to yet but after 10am EST check Tracey’s Tumblr for the info.

Cartoons by Andrew Hart

Mouth & Ear

When she gets mad

Barcelona Page 2





Andrew Hart is a Co-Founder of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. He uses a quill pen and a thin, but powerful line. You can scroll through his blog with immaculate sketch pages by clicking HERE. You can read all of his syndicated, sweet and gloom-embracing Winston comics HERE.

Sean Gallagher’s Working Class Creative











Sean Gallagher has taken his love of many kinds of art (typography, tattoos, graffiti, illustration, sign painting) and rolled it into an independent business called Working Class Creative.
To contact Sean: or 267•320•7534

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