Go For The Gold! They like it:

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From Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew:
… I received my copy of GO FOR THE GOLD: A MEATHAUS SKETCHBOOK when I got back from Ottawa and I’ve been completely inspired over the past couple days … [Go For The Gold! brings] together an incredible array of names from the illustration and animation worlds … The whole thing totals 218 black-&-white pages, and sells for a quite affordable $12.95. You will not find a better bargain around. It’s printed on-demand by, and the print quality rivals any printed book to be found at the bookstore. Note: I was offered a complimentary copy, but insisted on paying because I want to encourage quality artist-driven projects, and GO FOR THE GOLD is a project most worthy of support.

From “FFWD: Calgary’s News and Entertainment Weekly, Web Watch by Courtney Thompson”:
Meathaus ( is an artists’ collective born out of New York’s School of Visual Arts, including such illustrious members as James Jean, Jim Campbell and Tomer Hanuka. The group has published seven anthology comic books, which are available on its website along with prints, music and T-shirts. The Go for the Gold Meathaus sketchbook is not to be missed – it’s a gift so good you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

Buy Go For The Gold! for your self at


Jim Campbell’s Krachmacher 2 Available Now

Krachmacher 2 contains part two of the continuing story “at the shore”, the continuing saga of Cedrick and Mr Pork Roast in “firefox 47”, and a guest story by Misung Stevenson. Buy direct from Jim HERE.

Meathaus Lives Again

a doodle
Ok, new front page for We axed the Meat Log news. Moved the Latest Comics over there —> as well as the Latest Features. And by making their thumbnails smaller, we fit more of them in there.

This is the new thing, the blog. I hear these things are the rage with all the kids out there. We will be posting new art, links and news here whenever we can. You know, kind of like the Meat Log was, but with larger pixel dimensions. And oh yeah, above is a little doodle I was playing with and colored.