Melting Pot #1

Four months ago I wrote all the registered users of (become one by registering here) and put out the call for art submissions to a new collaborative zine called Melting Pot. Finally I got my crap together enough to melt all the art together into a zine as promised, the eight page wonder, Melting Pot #1.

The brave contributors are:

Renso Gonzales
Kevin Czapiewski
Manuel Gomez Burns
Fabio Tonetto
Stephen Eidson
Alex Eckman-Lawn
Josh Burggraf
Lauren Kolesinskas
Nelson Evergreen
Michiel ten Bokum
Matthew Hayes
Leah Greenberg
M.P. Fikaris
Jon Fox
and melted by me

The zine comes in three varieties, all of which you can have right now. First, if you’d like the mini version, print out this file on one side of one 8.5″x11″ sheet, and then fold it and make one cut like this. Second, if you’d like the half-letter version, print out this file double sided on two 8.5″x11″ sheets, fold and staple. Third, if you’d just like to look at the digital version, download a PDF here.

These look best on different colored papers. Print as many as you want and give them to your grandmother.

The two sizes have different page orders because I screwed up but I left it that way because it doesn’t matter. Maybe you need both versions now because you are an obsessive compulsive collector. Or maybe you can’t be bothered because the perceived value of this item at $0 is affecting its desirability for you. One thing I know, the next teacher that writes me asking for free zines for their class will be directed to this page. Print ’em yourself! One each for the whole class! You’re welcome.

As usual, register as a user of and you will be sure to get every sporadic Meathaus Action News email and call to collaborative art actions as they come. We’ve done about one in the past year so it’s not a spam headache. And perhaps the next art action I come up with will be designed so that everybody’s efforts don’t get bottlenecked by delays when they reach my part of the processing. We’ll see.

Edit: Follow Meathaus on Twitter instead of registering to the site for sporadic Meathaus Action News.

EDIT AGAIN: Actually just keep reading for Meathaus Action News. If there comes an opportunity to put together another collab zine, we’ll just post the call for action on the front page, that’s the simplest thing.