Mu Pan

Interview with Mu Pan
Mu Pan Drawing Painting Sketchbook OragaMU and Art

When and where were you born? 
1976. Taiwan Province of Republic of China/ Taichung City. ( not the china that goes crazy now, the china was screwed by American.)

Where did you attend school?
MFA illustration of visual essay (bullshit), SVA, NYC.
The highest educated meathaus guy ever.

Mu Pan Drawing Painting Sketchbook OragaMU and Art

Do you have any significant experiences that you would like to share?
Bcame an American citizen and still do not feel like I have a country.

Regarding your relationship with Meathaus, how has it fit into your life?
It is not about I like comic or not, I like some people from meathaus very much and I was helped by meathaus tremendously in the early year of my American life. Don’t matter what I do and what I became, I would easily deny my history in Taiwan, but you will still see me hanging out with meathaus guys and playing homosexual game with Farel in public.

Mu Pan Drawing Painting Sketchbook OragaMU and Art

Are there comics or publications that your work is printed in?

Editors note: (Mu Dafaka’s work can be read in Meathaus issues 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, S.O.S, and Go For the Gold).

Could you describe any professional experience or jobs of interest?
I do paintings, the paintings that none of you sons of bitches will say awesome and call me a genius, and I only make less than 20,000 dollars last year. But what I got is my stubbornness, the same stubbornness I share with all the people who made a great impact to the history of Chinese mankind.

Mu Pan Drawing Painting Sketchbook OragaMU and Art

Please tell us your thinking about your latest or most significant works. Why does this particular work appeal to your core? What are the themes that speak to you and keep you producing the work for the love of it?

As you can see from my website, I produced a range of work in different form. From the really detailed rendered old school watercolor drawing moved to some half abstract and half representative paintings, also my invention of so called “origaMU” paper sculpture. To me I just enjoy the processing of working, and I do not want to bury my ability just with one type of work. I used to do comic until few years ago I found there are no more challenging to me in it, I also gave up the chance of getting an instant fame by changed my painting style to 180 degree. 

I do not really concern the outcome of my work, I believe the process of each work I ever produced are all significant to me, and believe me or not, I would destroy whatever is popular among the people who I don’t like, for example that whale painting you see in the Meathaus S.O.S was cut from right to left with a razor because some girl was bugging me about that piece, and I hate the words amazing and awesome to used on my work, what do we know what amazing is?

The Slashed Mu Pan painting
The destroyed Mu Pan painting.

Mu Pan Drawing Painting Sketchbook OragaMU and Art

I can just easily started drawing pages of comic without any scrip and make whole bunch of sketchbook drawings nonstop, but I can never defeat painting. To me painting is the thing that I have to struggle with in this life time as Mu Pan until I starting wearing diaper again. It is an extension of my life and I can never predict how it will come out. Honestly, I fucking hate painting, I hate it because I can never control it and feel good about myself.

Mu Pan Drawing Painting Sketchbook OragaMU and Art

Mu Pan online:

Interview January 2009, by Chris McD. Posted March 2009.

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