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Brandon Graham Talks King City

Over at the Comics Reporter, Brandon Graham talks with Tom Spurgeon about his just (finally!) collected and reissued, eye-poppingly creative comic series, King City. They get into some serious process/inspiration/narrative-digestion talks. It’s pretty fascinating–Spurgeon is a great interviewer, and–as we know from his blog–Brandon is adept at talking about comics in a manner that invites you in with his enthusiasm and deep knowledge rather than shuts you out with insular gossip and name-dropping. He’s a class act, that guy.

Free Comics Now

Brandon Graham is thinking about posting new chapters from his book King City 2 on his blog and he’s already posted the first chapter to show you he means business. Above is a preview image from one of his other comics, Multiple Warheadz. Then there is Chris McD’s page of comics he did for Meathaus S.O.S., Meathaus 8: Headgames and Meathaus 7: Lovesongs. Don’t forget Dash Shaw’s ongoing Bodyworld. And then there is Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club comics free to read on his Myspace blog. There’s Jesse Moynihan’s free older comics here and even more and newer ones here.

Oh yeah and don’t forget about the recent Meathaus Week on NY Mag’s Vulture column. Read full comics from Meathaus S.O.S. by Farel Dalrymple, Zohar Lazar, and Jim Rugg / Brian Maruca.

Plus Brandon says all the Turtles and Elves he grew up on are all free and online now too.