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Letter to Meathaus: Christine Larsen

Get into it: Christine Larsen sent Meathaus the latest load of her comics because she is a machine. What a steady steadfast one person production outfit. What a force. Check it out, she even has a map of the Orcs! world. Christine streamlined her online presence down to just portfolio website, Instagram and blog (I can understand how Tumblr could potentially a time-suck and/or a soul-suck), where you can see a bunch more pages from these items.


The Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con

The Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con was once again a good time. I don’t know if Meathaus did well or not moving books but I know I’m glad the Philly Cartoonist Society happened to be hanging out drinking Irish whiskey behind two tables caddy-corner to the bathroom passageway that I wedged our table into. I showed up last minute with four boxes and two suitcases of books. I took Celia‘s example from MoCCA 2011 and was doing back issue dollar deals on the earliest issues. We sold a handful of GFTG!4s, (which by the way are now up for REGULAR order as opposed to PREorder). For a lot of the day it appeared there was a low show attendance. I’m certain the attendance was cut down because it was pouring rain all day.

I was manning the Meathaus table solo, but like I said Jeffro, James, Sam and Christine were four feet away so I could take little breaks wandering far enough away to catch up with Pat Aulisio, Benjamin Marra, Jess Worby, Chris Pitzer, Peter Lazarski, Mike Turzanski, David Jablow, Josh Burggraf, Victor Kerlow and more decent people too. I wanted to look at Collective Stench‘s table because they had all these grisly drawings and fifty five people or something smashed behind their tables which was bringing me back to Meathaus ’01 and I wanted to look at a bunch more things on the other side of the room too but when I would turn around and see someone hovering near the Meathaus table an irrational thought pulled me back, “oh maybe they want to buy something” instead of “oh hey I should thoroughly comb this show and buy neat comics because this only happens once a year”. Still I managed a small PACC Load including stuff from the aforementioned names plus the Sisterly Love Blockparty crew from Space 1026 and Sydney and Travis Southard :