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Name That Movie

Here’s a video trailer for probably one of the coolest books you’ll see this year–Name That Movie by Paul Rogers, published by Chronicle Books. Each of Paul’s 100 cinematic puzzles contains six illustrations from a well-known film, shown in sequence, with no recognizable movie stars. You have to guess the movie.

The films Paul chose to illustrate run the gamut from contemporary blockbusters to art house classics, and throughout, the scenes he pulls from are deftly chosen–iconic objects (the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, a newspaper clipping from Sullivan’s Travels) and quiet, easily overlooked scenes rather than the big and obvious movie moments. The book can’t help but bring out your inner movie nerd (especially for folks like me, who don’t really have to drill too deep to hit the movie nerd mantle). Full journalistic disclosure: I was the acquiring editor for this book while at Chronicle, so I’m intimately acquainted with its charms. Go buy it.


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Credit where it’s due: Chris McDonnell

Hello internet, Jay Sacher here again. As the day-to-day web-overlord for Meathaus, our particular friend Chris McD is obviously far too polite to blog about his own accomplishments and considerable talents, but since Chris and familia are currently lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, I figured I’d gush a little about the man behind the curtain.

Chris is pure comic gold, both in a drawing-actual-comics way and in a making-you-laugh-way. check out his webspace and blog to see what he’s been up to.

I might be biased, since it’s a project I’m editing for Chronicle Books, but I especially enjoy Chris’ process work for his upcoming doodle/gag project, Sasquatch’s Big, Hairy Drawing Book. Check out the insane amount of cover designs we forced him to whip up…ha! Work harder!

And let’s not forget all the killer animation and character design he’s done for shows like Tim and Eric and Portlandia.

Finally, as the men and women of Meathaus have spread across the globe, Chris has continued the publishing arm of MH, with our sketchbook series, Go For the Gold. Hats off, amigo.

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Nathan Fox’s Stay Tuned

While webmaster Chris McD suns himself on some far-off exotic beach, I figured I’d share some news from the west coast. Over at my day job, we’ve recently published a collection of postcard-sized images from Meathaus friend and nonstop comics-machine, Nathan Fox.

You can buy a copy at Chronicle Books, or at your local neighborhood book and comics merchant.

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James Jean’s RIFT

Hello internet! Jason Sacher here, guest blogging (thanks Chris!) with some shameless promotion, vis a vis my day job as an editor at Chronicle Books. Advance copies of Meathaus man (and all-around renaissance man) James Jean’s new book, Rift, arrived at my desk yesterday. It is utterly beautiful–an energetic and fantastic and amazingly intricate showcase for James’ art.

Featuring 15 accordion-style gold-foil-stamped panels and a series of interconnected landscapes (that change depending on how they’re folded) and James’ sketch-work on the reverse side, it’s a really a sight to behold. I just Fed-ex’d a few copies to James yesterday, so I’m sure he’ll post a more detailed preview on his site within a few days–you can order from him or the Chronicle website, and if you’re in San Diego for Comic-Con in July, we’ll be hosting a signing and an exclusive debut. Stay tuned for more details. Here’s a few more images…