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Dave Kiersh Afterschool Special Comics

Dave K. is well into his next comic book, a 225-pager called, Afterschool Special. He’s stashed three sample chapters from the work in progress up on his blog for you to read and relive your teenaged feelings and boners* with until the completed book comes out. From Dave’s blog:

“The story focuses on Jed, a jaded 17 year old musician who plays guitar for an Elvis impersonator at an amusement park. He has moved to a new town to live with his hippy aunt after his mother passes away. Feeling isolated, his thoughts begin to drift into creepy territory with horror movies as his reference for normal teenage social interactions. While cutting school, he meets Lisa, a tough but cute chain smoking girl who recently had an abortion. As their relationship progresses into something special, Jed’s fantasies begin to bare a closer resemblance to reality. But for Lisa, the future is about nostalgia and sex is out of the question.”

*bon•er |ˈbōnər|
1 informal a stupid mistake.
2 vulgar slang an erection of the penis.
ORIGIN early 20th cent. (originally U.S.): from bone + -er 1 .

A Last Cry For Help

back cover
You can order it here: Bodega Distribution
By: Dave Kiersh
I just got my copy of this in the mail and it rocks. Dave K. finally gets the high production he deserves. His last non-mini book was “Dave K’s Greatest Hits” which was a sampler from all of his minis, and was amazing (and enviable) to me as a showcase of how Kiersh can experiment with all kinds of media and styles and still be completely recognizable as him. He’s one of the artists I know (like George Tautkus and Tom Herpich) who seems to be completely self aware and whatever they do bears their unique personality stamp. It makes me want to kill myself. But this book is a more consistent collection of new stories.

I’m no comics critic (and this is no comic review), but I think future Dave K historians will point to this book as a turning point in his career. It combines the collage-doodle page style of the Dirtbag minis and his narrative panel-to-panel work. He’s mastered his weird crosshatching thing that he uses to explain so much- it’s completely stunning to me how each page feels simultaneously dense and open/airy!!!
“Four stars. Highly recommended. Certified cool.”

P.S. Did you know that Bodega has a blog? newbodega.blogspot.com

Dave Kiersh

Dave K comics

Dave Kiersh has been creating comics with teenage feelings since he was a teenager. All kinds of longing, rebellion, drug use, lust, boredom, and teenage love can be found in his mini comics and comics that have been published in larger collections recently such as NON, Kramer’s Ergot, and Top Shelf.

Dave Kiersh Comics drawings

Dave also has published and edited his own anthology books such as Last Cry for Help, and often collaborates with west coast friend and kindred-comics-spirit, Souther Salazar.

Dave is one of the artists with sketchbook work in the Meathaus GO FOR THE GOLD anthology sketchbook, and is part of the Meathaus online team uploading comics to this very website. Look at Dave’s website for more drawings, comics, and his online collections of cover images from vintage teen novel covers and forgotten teen actors.