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Babylon Falling Scan Collection

Babylon Falling

Babylon Falling is a massive tumblr collection of original scans of counter culture, hip hop, and underground comics papers and magazines. You can spend a long, satisfying time digging through the archive, or just go to the front page and use the drop down menus to sort by type of image or publication. An awesome effort. Above art is “The Time Has Come Today” by Gilbert Johnson for San Francisco Express Times (1968) from this post, and the featured image above that is here.

Antonio Bernal Romero Art

Antonio Bernal Romero Art

Antonio Bernal Romero Art

Antonio Bernal Romero Art

Antonio Bernal Romero Art

Antonio Bernal Romero Art

Antonio Bernal Romero painted hundreds of covers and other artwork for books with fantasy, science fiction, western, romance, religious and adventure themes. Aeron over at Monster Brains posted about his cool monster work on the covers of HORA T here. His source for these super scans is a blog that is a massive tribute to Bernal’s work: El arte de ANTONIO BERNAL ROMERO.

Meathaus is on Tumblr Now Too

Meathaus SOS

For all you Tumblr peoples we now have a sort-of mirror over there feeding these delicious post nuggets right into your dashboard. You asked for it (two people), you got it. This was made possible by this super Jetpack plugin from WordPress which is also allowing these posts to automatically get publicized to Twitter too. I don’t know. Maybe that’s annoying? Well anyway. A few of you wanted the meat feed on Tumblr. So here is where you find it:


There is still no easy way to import the existing meathaus.com blog’s archive into Tumblr with out a bunch of programming crap so you can forget about seeing all the years of old posts over there, but they still are all still here for your browsing pleasure.

Once again, I must warn you out of NSFWness to try to remember not to accidentally go to plain old meathaus dot tumblr because that is someone’s “spank bank” of beefy nude dudes, unless that is what you are after. We are meathauscomics dot tumblr dot com.

Check out the above details from images from Tomer & Asaf‘s and Farel‘s comics in Meathaus SOS, which you can buy in the shop.

Old site layout

And do you remember when meathaus.com was pre-blog, pre-2006? We’ve had a website since 2000 or so. We had a load of layouts we went through including some fun Flash ones in the early 2000s. I found this weird and cool layout file above that is similar to what Meathaus looked like at one point when I taught myself some basic PHP to go along with my HTML and CSS “knowledge” and hacked together a whole website with a backend for each of our members so they could update their own comics and pages and bios and stuff. I was so excited about it until a bunch of people just installed loads of backdoors and bank phishing scams on our server. Bunch of ruiners. Just because I didn’t bother to learn anything about security too. Oh well.