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Our friend James is schooling yr ass with a master class on building and maintaining a devoted base of art appreciators then directly interacting with and providing to them the sweet art that they so desire via beautifully designed delivery systems all while controlling the means of production and distribution of said systems. And what sweet art it is. Check out James’s new pre-order page for XENOGRAPH.

James Jean/Chris McD Gocco Print

James Jean/Chris McD Gocco Print

I just found a small stash of these. Check out this gocco print James and I did back around, oh, I don’t know maybe 2004 plus or minus a couple years. I can remember the “Meathaus Meltdown” show (oh man it was 2003 I’ve been saying 2004 for 10 years) we did at Meltdown was around Valentines Day 2003, and we collaborated on another kick-butt poster for that. But I can’t place when we did this small Gocco thing. I think we took these to A.P.E. with us the one year Celia, James, Jay, Jim, Farel and myself were all there for some reason. Good times. Never mind I found it on this very blog, wow. 2006 archive, month of April. Anyway, remember when Print Gocco was all the rage for a bit there? All the comics people found out about them over the course of a few years and everyone was mail-ordering these things from Japan. That was before everyone got digital duplicator machines. Yeah the Print Gocco was a great tiny home print-making unit, but they stopped making the flash bulbs and photo-sensitive screens I think. One of those things. I probably have enough for one or two more screens. You can probably guess who drew what on this print.

Rebus Preview

Juxtapoz has a great sneak peek of James’ new show, Rebus, opening at the Martha Otero gallery this Saturday. It’s an eyeful!

Sounds like the Ludo Chicken Truck will be at the gallery as well, serving hi-falutin’, tasty fried chicken.

Over at Chronicle Books, we’re gearing up for the release of James’ latest, a 256 page hardcover monograph, also titled Rebus. Printer’s proofs are actually due next week…

James Jean’s RIFT

Hello internet! Jason Sacher here, guest blogging (thanks Chris!) with some shameless promotion, vis a vis my day job as an editor at Chronicle Books. Advance copies of Meathaus man (and all-around renaissance man) James Jean’s new book, Rift, arrived at my desk yesterday. It is utterly beautiful–an energetic and fantastic and amazingly intricate showcase for James’ art.

Featuring 15 accordion-style gold-foil-stamped panels and a series of interconnected landscapes (that change depending on how they’re folded) and James’ sketch-work on the reverse side, it’s a really a sight to behold. I just Fed-ex’d a few copies to James yesterday, so I’m sure he’ll post a more detailed preview on his site within a few days–you can order from him or the Chronicle website, and if you’re in San Diego for Comic-Con in July, we’ll be hosting a signing and an exclusive debut. Stay tuned for more details. Here’s a few more images…