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Poketo Perverse Universe Wallets

Remember all the way back to yesterday when we posted about these wallets from Poketo? Well here is an interesting wrinkle: we are giving away one of each of the five designs in the new “Perverse Universe” series to five lucky people over the next week that will be selected in five different ways. Poketo describes their new series thusly:

“We are so very thrilled to present to you guys the Perverse Universe Wallet Series. We have harnessed the wild and crazy energies of Matt Furie, Jon Vermilyea, and Louie Cordero into wallet form, as well as comic books, prints and posters!”

To see what they are talking about, check this link. The five wallet designs are above.

Let’s begin. To win the first giveaway wallet selected from above, comment on this very post by late tonight, July 20th. That’s to be safely entered in the running. If you happen to catch this in the early hours of July 21, you can still comment and enter. The selection happens when I roll out of bed at some ungodly hour in the morning and devise a computerized system for random selection of the winner. Then I will contact you to get your name and address. So be sure to comment with your email, not anonymously. Duh.

The remaining four wallets will be given out over the next week in different ways. Stay tuned. Secret clues: Twitter. Registered Meathaus Blog Users.


Poketo Wallets

Poketo Art Wallets

Despite already being covered in every magazine in the world, the people of POKETO knew that they still desired to reach out to the specific, highly-intelligent, cartoony art blog enthusiast, which of course is you, dear reader. Consequently, they sent over samples of the wallets that they produce featuring two artists that we know and love, Jon Vermilyea (previously posted here) and Matt Furie (previously posted here and many more). Each wallet has artwork sewn into a clear plastic body with plastic pockets that could handle a modest amount of cash, cards and doodads. Besides wallets, POKETO produces a lot of products and works with a large group of artists that are all worth investigating further.


Vice Comics

Vice Magazine has been featuring the comics of Johnny Ryan for a while, published a whole comics issue back in 2006, and has started adding a new comic on Sundays every week from the like of Jon Vermilyea and Meathaus S.O.S. artistsTom Herpich, Matt Furie and Chris McD, all corralled by N Gazin.