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The Night Riders

The Night Riders

Wow I’m eager to receive my copy of Matt Furie‘s The Night Riders and see how much of a brain-melt it will administer to my children. I have been meaning to mention this sometime too: I’m also the happy owner of Jordan Crane‘s book from the same publisher, McMullens, called Keep Our Secrets. This book is super fun and has black ink that becomes transparent showing art beneath when exposed to heat (like from rubbing friction, which unfortunately doesn’t work that well and is probably the reason there was a sticker applied to the front of the book that recommends using a hair dryer!). Check out this massive preview of The Night Riders on 50 Watts and get a copy yourself. Via Lisa Hanawalt who is another super artist published in this line of books from McMullens.

Wild Things Comics Blog

Where The Wild Things Are Comics Blog

I’ll just get over that this is marketing that is totally nailing me straight in my “demo” and enjoy the fact that rad comics dudes and ladies are being paid to produce new work. It appears that Johnny Ryan is responsible for curating this crew, and it is hosted by Vice Magazine. It’s certainly not your average marketing campaign for your average big studio “children’s movie”. Usually you’re gonna want to keep children away from reading Vice magazine. See the blog here as they reveal new comics every few days and post interviews with the artists.

A list of the artists involved: Ben Jones, Benjamin Marra, Dan Zettwoch, Esther Pearl Watson, Frédéric Fleury, Hellen Jo, Jordan Crane, Josh Simmons, La Merde, Lisa Hanawalt, Mark Todd, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Furie, Matthew Thurber, Nick Gazin, Ray Sohn, Ron Rege Jr, Sakabashira, Sammy Harkham, Shintaro Kago, Skinner, Ted May, Tony Millionaire, Vanessa Davis.

UPDATE: Well they went and blew their wild load all at once and here is a PDF version of the insert that is being printed in VICE Magazine right here with all the artwork in it, checkitout.