Locust Moon Fest 2012

Locust Moon Fest

It was a good time, there was an ice cream flavor there from Little Baby’s made just for the show that was really crazy because it tasted like sweet creamy avocado and mostly green apples but it also was apparently made of kale, celery and some chunks that I didn’t understand but enjoyed. It was good to see and catch up with Farel, Jeffro, James Heimer, Pitzer, and Marra, Aulisio, Rugg, Lex and to meet Piskor, Mok, Box Brown, Bodie and Czap and more dudes and ladies who I’ve just known through this blog. I’ll try to post some of the books soon along with this large stack of letters from you comics friends from all over the world.

The show was also a success for Meathaus moving a load of books out of my place into your various arms at super discount deals. A bunch of those “Real Life Wizardz” posters and Lenny’s Summer Job zines I pushed on you as bonuses as well. Good time and good job by Locust Moon except the show was scheduled to run too late for my old ass and should be more like 10am or 11am to 5pm or 6pm or something in that range I’m thinking. Also I did feel bad for the four tables stuck back near the restroom. That shouldn’t really be a spot. But it looks like the show could use more space then. Next year keep the ice cream and bring on the hoagies this time and maybe some brews too. Oh yeah and bring back Farel again it was super to hang out just like olde thymes.

Everyone in the greater Philadelphia area should head over to Locust Moon to browse and buy books. They are fully stocked with a Meathaus stash now too.