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I don’t know if you noticed but the blog here has been apparently dead for two-plus months or so, I don’t know, I haven’t counted. But don’t worry, we will rise again soon. Some relevant notes:

  • Some of you have sent Meathaus some very nice “Letters to Meathaus” over the last months, and they will all be featured.
  • I have a truckload of deeply discounted Meathaus SOS back issues to sell you from my basement on this Cyber Monday and every day. All are more than half-off cover price. Yes, you have to pay the postage, but all together it is still less than cover price for the book and US shipping. What, you didn’t know Meathaus made comics? Darn young people. Go buy books.
  • The blog has been dead for two months because I’ve been making another very nice book for you to place on your coffee table. More soon.
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Everything Good Ever

Check out the webspace of longtime friend and associate of Meathaus, Casey Farnum. Action-packed!

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Credit where it’s due: Chris McDonnell

Hello internet, Jay Sacher here again. As the day-to-day web-overlord for Meathaus, our particular friend Chris McD is obviously far too polite to blog about his own accomplishments and considerable talents, but since Chris and familia are currently lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, I figured I’d gush a little about the man behind the curtain.

Chris is pure comic gold, both in a drawing-actual-comics way and in a making-you-laugh-way. check out his webspace and blog to see what he’s been up to.

I might be biased, since it’s a project I’m editing for Chronicle Books, but I especially enjoy Chris’ process work for his upcoming doodle/gag project, Sasquatch’s Big, Hairy Drawing Book. Check out the insane amount of cover designs we forced him to whip up…ha! Work harder!

And let’s not forget all the killer animation and character design he’s done for shows like Tim and Eric and Portlandia.

Finally, as the men and women of Meathaus have spread across the globe, Chris has continued the publishing arm of MH, with our sketchbook series, Go For the Gold. Hats off, amigo.