Art Books Video

Name That Movie

Here’s a video trailer for probably one of the coolest books you’ll see this year–Name That Movie by Paul Rogers, published by Chronicle Books. Each of Paul’s 100 cinematic puzzles contains six illustrations from a well-known film, shown in sequence, with no recognizable movie stars. You have to guess the movie.

The films Paul chose to illustrate run the gamut from contemporary blockbusters to art house classics, and throughout, the scenes he pulls from are deftly chosen–iconic objects (the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, a newspaper clipping from Sullivan’s Travels) and quiet, easily overlooked scenes rather than the big and obvious movie moments. The book can’t help but bring out your inner movie nerd (especially for folks like me, who don’t really have to drill too deep to hit the movie nerd mantle). Full journalistic disclosure: I was the acquiring editor for this book while at Chronicle, so I’m intimately acquainted with its charms. Go buy it.