Letter to Meathaus: Thickness

Letter to Meathaus: Thickness
Letter to Meathaus: Thickness

Meathaus got a sexy package from Thickness, with a sexy postcard that reads:

“Greetings Mr. Haus. Please enjoy our MEAT. XO Ry + Michael!”

Absolutely, that sounds like a great idea since in this package, there were issues #1 and #3 of the sexy anthology comic book, Thickness, edited by Mr. Ryan Sands and Mr. Michael DeForge. Thanks for sending over this extremely entertaining package. These books are fun to read, the artwork is distinctive and well-drawn, the stories are funny, unsettling, dirty, sometimes tender and sometimes anus-distending. The sum of it all is an excellent small press comics anthology with the sexy stuff ratcheted up.

Both issues were printed on a digital duplicator. Issue #1 has each story in a different color and issue #3 has most stories printed in two colors with different combinations. Both have color covers and issue #3 has a fold-out color pin-up image in the middle. Also there is an awesomely curious Qviet comics supplement to #3 by Andy Burkholder.

All the contributors are worth eyeballing, click over to the Thickness site for more details on the books and people behind the comics who include multiple Meathaus contributors and “special friends”.