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James Jean’s RIFT

Hello internet! Jason Sacher here, guest blogging (thanks Chris!) with some shameless promotion, vis a vis my day job as an editor at Chronicle Books. Advance copies of Meathaus man (and all-around renaissance man) James Jean’s new book, Rift, arrived at my desk yesterday. It is utterly beautiful–an energetic and fantastic and amazingly intricate showcase for James’ art.

Featuring 15 accordion-style gold-foil-stamped panels and a series of interconnected landscapes (that change depending on how they’re folded) and James’ sketch-work on the reverse side, it’s a really a sight to behold. I just Fed-ex’d a few copies to James yesterday, so I’m sure he’ll post a more detailed preview on his site within a few days–you can order from him or the Chronicle website, and if you’re in San Diego for Comic-Con in July, we’ll be hosting a signing and an exclusive debut. Stay tuned for more details. Here’s a few more images…