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Rob Donnelly Time Lapse Video on Slate

Meathaus Associate Rob Donnelly has let us know that his latest illustrations for the advice column “Dear Prudence” are up on Slate’s video magazine site. I’m deriving great joy from Rob’s time-lapse visuals–they’re witty and energetic, and he edits them with an eye towards bringing out their interior dynamism. Click through for the video, and check out Rob’s site for more great work. I asked Rob a few questions about the process:

“For this one, I shot the video of ink drawings in black and white. I then keyed/erased the white parts out , digitally colorized  the black ink and  time stretched the video so it syncs up with the voiceover. I added music made in garageband along with the real instruments. So everything is a combination of handmade and digital.”

And what was the most challenging part of the work? It sounds like the planning aspect of the ink drawings almost makes this like theater or live TV–you can’t mess up:

“I have a digital camera that has a video option but is primarily designed for shooting photos. So when I shoot video over 10 minutes, the thing shuts off to keep the light sensor from getting too hot. The ink drawings had to be made in a very short time which involves some planning before I start shooting.”