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Letter to Meathaus: Rusty Jordan

Letter to Meathaus: Rusty Jordan

Dave Nuss from Revival House Press sent Meathaus another sweet-ass package and a letter that reads:

“Hiya, Here’s our most recent book, Alamo Value Plus by Rusty Jordan. A real hoot and a holler. I hope you dig it. Drawn with some indelibly crisp, cartoon imagery, it’s bound to rattle yer mind (check out them grainy background textures!) Hope all is well! Dave”

Hi Dave, and hi Rusty, thanks mail-pals for sharing another book with Meathaus and Meathaus dot com readers. This one stars Duane Fields from the last Rusty book we got, History in Ruins, which you got to get your hands on as well. Duane and pals work variety retail at Alamo Value Plus, take a smoke break and hear a story from their older coworker Baldemar about escaping war, prison and death at the hands of Maximillian Von Schidthed. Dave is right about these crispy lines and textures too. Just like History in Ruins, these floppy, wrinkly cartoon folds and forms tickle the cartoon parts in my primitive brain. Like on the Ralph Snart or Groo or Life in Hell side of things.

Check it out, Rusty has got a blog now!

Letter to Meathaus: Rusty Jordan

Rusty Jordan

Rusty Jordan sent Meathaus issues one and two of History in Ruins by Rusty Jordan and Andrew Smith and a note that says:

“Here are some comics for you to check out. Hope you dig them! -Rusty”

Thanks Rusty, these are the best. I’m already hooked on these books full of rubbery wrinkles and dirty deeds. I learned about Duane Fields’s cruddy part time job and his mom’s tight pants and his basement chill zone in his mom’s house where he hangs out with a rodent. Most of all I’m running my eyes over these gritty cartoon drawings with 100% pleasure. I’m searching all over the internet to help our readers find the location where they could secure their own copies, but all I find is Rusty’s twitter. Also a review over here of issue 1. Maybe that’s a start.

EDIT: See the comments for info on how to get some History in Ruins.

Shitbeams On The Loose 2

Shitbeams on the Loose 2

Shitbeams On The Loose 2 arrived recently from Revival House Press and you can see a few more example pages on their newly established website. The second volume of the anthology comic book is edited by Rusty Jordan and includes stories by Ron Rege Jr., Jason Overby, Dave Nuss, Andrew Smith, Hector Serna Jr., Brent Harada, Robyn Jordan, John Hankiewicz, Grant Reynolds, Ryo Kuramoto, Amane Yamamoto, Rusty Jordan, Luke Ramsey, and Andy Rementer who also did the swell cover.

The book has 60 b/w pages and an overall comics feeling that you can get a handle on by clicking a few of the cool links listed above. The Revival crew will be at MoCCA 2010, so check them out in person then too.