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Up From the Stacks

If I still lived in San Francisco, I would be very excited about attending this pop opera by cartoonist Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy next week. Here’s the description from Katchor’s website:

Set in The New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street and in the environs of Times Square circa 1970, Up From the Stacks is the story of Lincoln Cabinée, a college student working part-time as a page, retrieving books for readers from the Library’s collection of 43 million items. This routine evening job inadvertently thrusts young Cabinée into the treacherous crossroads of scholarly obsession and the businesses of amusement and vice that then flourished in the 42nd Street area. The intellectual life of the city and the happiness of a young man hang in the balance.

Yes! Sleaze and libraries! Up From the Stacks will be performed at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on February 23rd.

Art Weekly Review

Weekly Review: Radiolab Live in San Francisco

Jay Sacher here with a new Meathaus feature. Every Wednesday, I’ll be donning my critic’s cape and serving up a review of something or other. Today it’s the live tour of WNYC’s Radiolab, which came through San Francisco a few days ago.


Little Chirps — San Francisco

Jay Sacher back again with more localized, West Coast-centric art updates, plus a prompt for you to mark your calendars. My good pal and talented drawing buddy, Olivia Warnecke paints, amongst other things, birds on manila tags. Like the birds themselves, Olivia’s gouache renderings are works of beauty. Over on Olivia’s website, she’s got some great process shots and scans of the finished works…


If you’re in San Francisco this Friday, swing by the swanky boutique Bell Jar Shop to see Olivia and her friend Ashod’s work in person, and maybe get a chance to purchase one these little beauties.

Little Chirps
Artist Reception
Friday January 14th, 2011
6-9 PM
Bell Jar Shop
3187 16th Street (btwn Guerrero and Valencia)
San Francisco