Letter to Meathaus: Dave Nuss

Letter to Meathaus: Dave Nuss

Dave Nuss of Revival House Press sent Meathaus Malachi Ward‘s latest comic called Real Life, or maybe Ritual, and a note:

“I’ve sent you our latest publication: Ritual #1 by Malachi Ward. It’s a stand alone horror-story about the uncertainty and latent tension surrounding a couple’s foray into cohabitation. It’s got some riveting stuff with knock-out graphic story-telling. Hope you enjoy it. It debuts at the Stumptown Comics Fest April 28th and in stores, May 2nd. Take care, Dave”

Thanks Dave and Malachi, just read through this and there are some nice skin disfiguring and boiling with beetles drawings to go along with the horrific turn in the story which begins on an average night at home in a presumably Los Angeles-type apartment. I used to live in this apartment in the Palms neighborhood which is mostly just these boring concrete apartment blocks behind a KFC with the old bucket-on-a-pole-sign next to the highway. Sometime after I moved back East they turned the KFC into a weed dispensary and I would be so psyched if they modified the sign to become a bucket of weed.


Update: Of course I had to look it up and it turns out they were lazy and didn’t make a new bucket:

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