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Wendy MacNaughton at Sketchfest

Over at the Bay Citizen, Wendy MacNaughton drew her impressions of a night at the celebrated San Francisco comedy festival, Sketchfest. In my six years in SF, I never went to the event (the stuff I wanted to see always sold out too quickly), but MacNaughton’s drawings make me doubly wish I hadn’t missed out. Here’s her sketch of funnyman Rob Delaney, which is rad because it looks amazing, and also because it’s allowed me the opportunity to use the word “funnyman.” 

And here’s even funnier funnyman, Todd Barry:MacNaughton’s work pops up in some pretty amazing places, and her website is worth a long look.

Art Comics Meathaus

Drawing Crowds

I’ve started a weekly illustrated column over at The Bay Citizen, reporting on San Francisco culture and events. It’s called Drawing Crowds, and the first column is all about local art film advocacy group, Artist’s Television Access. The Bay Citizen does good, much-needed work for this town, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Not that any of you are waiting with bated breath, but I’ll continue drawing weekly reviews for Meathaus every Wednesday, although this week is sadly postponed due to work-related activities.