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Meat Wendy Vanity

Meathaus favorite YouTuber Wendyvanity has changed her username to madcatlady but is still cranking out the music video hits like these kind of gross-awesome meat themed videos. I hope she hasn’t erased all her old classic hits, haven’t dug deep yet. No wait I think they are still there and she is still Wendyvanity. I don’t know what is going on, obviously. But we have posted about her before here and here and here and you can see some nice screen grabs of her videos on those posts.


Miss Steak:

Wendy Vanity Videos

Wendy Vanity Videos

Wendy Vanity is my favorite YouTube user because her videos make me laugh and enjoy life and her creativity. Although she hasn’t been using the Melody Assistant software to record vocal jams for her videos as much recently (too bad, they are good), her latest work still has me eager to see more every time she uploads something like MakeHuman in Carrara test.wmv, or the meditative happy sac. Previously posted about here. She notes on her video channel that someone complained a while back about “adult” content which prompted her to delete a bunch of her classics, which is a shame. But she also has a stash on Vimeo here with some of the removed material such as this jam which features a track I really like, “super supreme pizza with the lot”:

EDIT: I was wrong dig this recent upload with the melody assistant music:

3D Hair Animation

Important 3D Hair Animation

I love this animation and music in the video embedded above. 3D glitches are amazing. Even more so, this work is evidently created by an interesting person. This should have been used as visual research on that Disney movie Tangled. Check out more videos (and there are many more to blow your mind) from “try hard noob hobby animator” and YouTube user, Wendyvanity.